Thursday, October 23, 2008


I made a deal with myself.  I said, "Self?  If you put away all the laundry, you can go blog."

And then I answered, "How about... no?"

And here I am.  Not putting laundry away.  I think I need to work on my threatening tone.  Maybe that'll scare me into getting something done.

Seriously though... what on earth is my issue lately?  I have a ridiculous amount of stuff to do.  There's laundry to put away, dishes to put away, toys to put away (sense a theme?), floors to vacuum and mop, a bathroom to clean, lesson planning to do, meals to make...  and the list goes on. 

Even if I wasn't blogging, there's a strong possibility that I'd be burrowed far beneath my down comforter trying to take a nap.

Of course, when you know you have that much to do, sleep doesn't come easy with that overflow of guilt.

So...  here I am. 

I need some suggestions!  How on earth can I make it easier to manage my little household with my two small people, two canines, and rather tall husband?  What tips or pointers do y'all have to make this go more smoothly? 

Let me know.  I'm running out of underwear so that laundry situation is going to become rather dire in a day or two.


  1. Tell that tall husband of yours you want a maid.

    How's that for a suggestion. ~julie

  2. I'll be over tommorow and Saturday to help you! Yay!!!

  3. LOL sounds like myself now. I dont have any suggestions really. I wait till the last min and then force myself to muster enough energy to clean everythign at once. I wihs i could realize it is easier to do a little at a time instead of all at once.

  4. you are a riot! i wish i could give you some constructive advice, but I can't since I DO THE SAME THING. I have to leave in 2.5 hours and I am not doing household chores or getting Cohen ready? Nope- I am reading blogs

  5. Not sure if this will help, but I used to do laundry every day. First thing in the morning I'd put a load in the washer and then when I got home from work, I'd throw it in the dryer. Then I could fold the load while watching TV. Never felt overwhelmed by laundry again.

  6. I can completely understand the feeling of being overwhelmed before I even start, which makes starting that much harder. I started telling myself to do ONE thing a day. Next thing you know, I got SOMETHING done, felt good about it and some how got motivated to do one more thing. By the end of the week- you did FIVE things and felt pretty good about yourself!


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