Wednesday, October 1, 2008



Things are kind of sad in our household this week.  Monday night, after going to the park for an hour and a half with the kids, we returned to find that one of our dogs, Amore, was missing.  She apparently hopped the fence as she'd done a handful of times before.

But this time, she hasn't come back. 

This is the dog that learned how to jump and open the front door in our old house.  On the few occassions where I forgot to lock the deadbolt, I'd return home to find her sitting on the front porch with the door wide open, wagging her tail. 

She'd go explore and come back.

But so far this time?  She hasn't come back. 

And though we are still holding out hope to get a phone call that someone has her or to hear her bark outside the door and be greeted by her full body wagging, we can't help but worry that something's happened to her.

And that really sucks.

She's been part of the household since way before Shaun and I were even engaged.  Shaun dragged me to the humane society to "look" for dogs.  And somehow, she ended up in our car, headed to a new home.   And though her galloping insanity sometimes drives me nuts, I sure love that dog.  Loyal, sweet and smart.  She's my protector pup.  (Because Indi, our other dog, is kind of worthless as a guard dog...   a giant snuggle pillow, sure...  guard dog to ward off the boogeyman?  Not so much.  She's likely to be found hiding under the bed with me).  She's been Indi's best friend and Shaun's loyal four legged companion.  She lets Bean cover her with blankets and toys and make believe she's a baby.  She's ridiculously persistant when she wants a little rub behind the ears.  She's a good dog, through and through. 

We're sad and worried, but we're not giving up yet.

Hey Amore, you crazy mutt?  Come home.  We miss you. 



  1. You seriously made me tear up...praying she comes home!!

  2. Oh I am so sorry! Pets are children too!!! You all are being prayed for!

    Chrissy :)

  3. SO sad!!! I'll be praying that she comes home safe!!

  4. jen, i hope she comes home soon - or at the very least taken in by someone kind.

  5. I love her lots too! She always keeps my feet nice & warm when I'm at your place :) Here's hoping that she finds her way home soon.

  6. We are praying she finds her way home also. Mikaelyn keeps asking if she is home yet.

  7. Talking to Shaun last night was so hard, I just wanted to be there for him. He is still my baby you know. I am praying that she comes back because she is a special part of our family. I remember our first bonding time when I stayed with Shaun that time in Lothian and our stay together when Lexi was born. She slept right next to me. Hugs, Love Katrina

  8. AH, I just read that Shaun is going to pick up Amore. I'm so glad you found her. You know she is the reason I have a big dog now. Love, Julie

  9. I am so sorry, Jenn! I will pray she comes back. We lost one our dogs a similar way a couple of weeks ago and I went door to door until I found him. You might call the Humane Society and alert them in case someone brings her in. I called the dog catcher too and made fliers.

    Dang...hope she comes home soon

  10. Shaun's FB page says Amore has been found! YAY! So glad for you.


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