Friday, September 7, 2012

Uh, August? Where'd Ya Go?

So, I apparently haven't blogged since the end of July. Which means one of two things... either I got kidnapped by aliens who took away all of my internet contact so that I could help them to discover how to make eggplant into something remotely palatable.

Or... I was busy actually doing things instead of writing about them. I used to laugh when people would say that, convinced that I was managing to do both. However, the more kids I had, (and the more the littles liked buttons), the less time I had to actually write about them.

So, I'd text myself with random words or catchphrases to remind me to blog when I reached a time when I wasn't falling into bed totally exhausted shortly after my kids.

Except now I haven't the foggiest as to what my code words mean, so I guess I'm starting from scratch?

But, thankfully, my kids never stop being ridiculous, so there's always fodder for a story.

Today, it's my dear second born in the spotlight.

Last Sunday, we went out to lunch with Shaun's parents. They brought a friend from their community so he got to witness firsthand what chaos we bring to a dinner gathering.

(In reality, the kids are generally well behaved... but there's four of them and they're rather exuberant).

The sweet waitress noticed my kids were getting antsy and brought them each a little bit of tortilla dough to mold and shape like play dough. This worked for quite awhile. But then they were putting it on their faces, which was actually hilarious as well. Caly walked over to the end of the table where our guest was sitting and before I could say a word, she attempted to get the dough to stick to his arm. Good-natured about it all, he said, "Ah, it won't stick there because of the hair." She held the dough for a split second before plopping it directly on his head.

His very bald head.

I think I gasped in embarrassment, but he laughed and congratulated her on her quick thinking. Thankfully.

That kid. Geez.

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