Friday, February 25, 2011

Things To Remember

Today has been a difficult day with the 18 month old.  I think it's a wicked combination of my being 2 weeks away from delivering another kid, him being 18 months old and discovering that he can have an opinion, and perhaps his little body fighting off some germ or another.  Who knows. What I DO know is that he's sleeping soundly in his bed right now, and for the first time since he was quite little, I'm going to let him nap til he wakes up.

(Yeah, that's a weird thing... I wake him up almost daily from his naps because if he naps too long?  Nights are miserable.  I missed the memo on that whole "never wake a sleeping baby" thing).

Anyway, as he was sitting across his room from me shouting "NO WAY, NO WAY, NO WAY!" and not wanting anything to do with me, (or the nap I knew he most desperately needed), I started thinking that I better write down all of the cute things he says before the proverbial "Terrible 2's" arrive.  Because judging from today's tantrum?  I'm going to need some reminding.

So, excuse my sentimentality for a bit while I note my little guy's sweeter moments.

1.  I'll often tell him, "I love you [insert random nickname]!" And he started saying, "I wuv you too."  My favorite is when I say, "I love you, little man-man!" and he tells me, "I wuv you too, mama mama."

2.  He likes to play patty-cake with me lately and has been doing all of the motions.  Except that his rolling motion for "rooooooolllll it" is more like he's shaking maracas up and down.  Then he throws his arms up and shouts, "B!"  Best is when he's standing up while doing it and does his maracas dance while running in place as fast as he can.

3.  He's a champion mimic.  I realized this today when I heard him lay the verbal smackdown on his sister who was tormenting him with a toy.  "Ca-wee! STOP IT!"  It was precisely the tone I use when trying to get the kids to leave each other alone.

4.  First thing in the morning, as he's usually the first one up, he calls for me from his crib.  And every morning, when I go in there, we have this exchange, with very little variation:
M: "Good morning Sunshine!"
S: *Grins and grins* "Hi Mama!"
M: "How are you?"
S: "Good!"
M: "How'd you sleep?"
S: "Good! Hug?"
I scoop him up, he wraps his arms around my neck, puts his head on my shoulder and rubs my back.  Then he pops up, smiles and says, "Snack? Watch a movie?" and clambers down and out into the living room where I get him a little snack and we snuggle while watching Curious George and waiting for the girls to come out.  It's a delightful little way to start the morning... especially considering that I am NOT a morning person.  He charms me into grinning pretty easily.

Just a few things, but things that are particularly close to my heart as these kids fly through the childhood.  I might remember snuggles, but I want to remember these specifics too.  Because, dude... at the rate this kid is going?  He's going to be way taller than me and requesting third or fourth helpings for dinner.  (Ok, he does the latter fairly frequently).

Yup, that's my little guy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Big Doctor DO and Some Updating

So, I took the kids to the pediatrician last week for a well visit for the big kid and the little kid.  The middle kid just clambered along for the ride.  (I toyed with the idea of leaving her home, but there's that whole thing about not wanting the house to burn down in my absence that kind of held me back).

Anyway, this was our second visit to this particular office, first with this doctor.  We switched mostly due to location and our first visit went well enough, but I left the office, (again with three kids), completely frazzled.  The kids were typical kids and I had trouble getting to have more than 3 words in edgewise over their noise.

This time?  Quite different.  So, if you're in the pediatric profession, take note.  This particular Dr. had the magic.

We were ushered into the exam room quickly and the super sweet nurse took the basic stats from the kids.  She helped corral the littlest as I herded the big two into the bathroom.  I was kind of overwhelmed, but since that's sort of the status quo with three kids in public, that's not unusual.

Then there was the licking the exam table incident involving the kid who shall not be named.  But we won't speak of that.  (And thankfully, we've been plague free since... either she has an immune system of steel or they do a good job wiping things down between visits).

Then, the doctor came in.  Immediately, he stopped, pulled some gymboree bubbles, (those things are so much better than regular bubbles), out of his pocket and filled the room with tiny bubbles.  The kids were entranced.  They spent at least 15 minutes gleefully popping bubbles.  And you know what I did with those 15 minutes?  I talked to the doctor. UNINTERRUPTED.


The rest of the visit continued in the awesome vein, but that little trick was far too good not to share.  If your doc doesn't do the bubble thing, maybe you could bring your own?  (I'd advise checking first).  But there's something to be said for being able to share you concerns and questions with the doctor and actually be able to conduct a two-sided, un-distracted conversation.

As for stats, here's what we ended up with for the oldest and youngest, (I was going to say biggest and littlest, but that's no longer true, as you'll see):

S(18 months): 28 lbs. and 14 oz.  Yeah, he's a big kid.  This is around the 85th percentile.  As for his height, I forget what it actually was, (and dang it, can't find the sheets), but he's actually somewhere around the 75th percentile. The doctor figures that he was mis-measured last time.  So basketball is again on the table. Maybe. And his head?  It's off the charts.  But everyone who's seen my melon headed baby boy could have guessed that.  Lots of brains.

L(5):  She was in the 50th percentile for weight and the 70th(!) for height.  The doc said that if she continues along this growth track, she's possible looking at being somewhere around 5 feet, 5 inches.  In other words, that's another kid that's going to dwarf her mother.

Both kids met their developmental milestones with no problem and the doctor remarked that he was sort of shocked at how many words S knew and how clearly he spoke. This was a relief as at his 15month appointment, the kid knew a handful of words and rarely used them.  Seems he realized that he has to keep up with his sisters somehow.  Now I can't get the kid to be quiet.  So there are three perpetual chatterboxes in our midst.

Anyway, they're happy, healthy kids and as much as we loved the doctor, we're really hoping we don't see him again until the next well visits.

And now, a completely gratuitous picture of my little (sort of) big-headed munchkin.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mom Secrets

So, my friend Amy at Flexible Dreams and another awesome blogger, Bella from Bella Before and After, are starting a movement to bring those little secrets of motherhood out from under the rug, (or from in the non-working microwave, or from that room in your house where you cram everything you can't find a place for).

Real Moms Real Laughs

So, in honor of the Real Moms, Real Laughs party, here's my list:

1.  I told my child today that if she asked me again for a band aid, I was going to find and eat the entire box. And leave none for her. Or the tiny cut on her foot.

2.  I managed to keep my children from doing anything ridiculously germy at the doc's office yesterday. That is, until I caught my second born licking the exam table from one end to the other. Goodbye health, hello plagues.

3.  I don't shower every day. Granted, my skin gets totally dry and gross if I do, but I have found on more than one occasion that I couldn't remember when my last shower actually was.  On one occasion, my oldest told me that I was a bit... smelly. I try to go for every other day. I try. In the winter, my kids bathe less than I do. Sorry if you meet us in person. We're the smelly kids.

4.  I have mastered the art of sleeping with children climbing all over me. I am not ashamed of this. In fact, I'm quite proud of the fact that I can completely keep tabs on all of my kids and catch a nap at the same time.

There you have it. My first list. I say first, because I'm positive there are others. But I need to go shower and prepare for the onslaught of germs that are going to befall our house due to wayward toddler licks.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"I'm Awake!" Has Two Meanings in This House

I married a great guy. He's a wonderful husband. He's a hilarious and awesome dad to our kidlets. And he's darn good lookin'.

But trying to wake the man up in the middle of the night is like trying to lick your own elbow.

A few nights ago, Sayer(18months), woke up around midnight screaming at the top of his little lungs.  Accordingly, I woke up gasping. One glance over to Shaun confirmed my guess:  He was still sound asleep. After a second of trying not to keel over from the epic heartburn, I decided to tap Shaun to see if he'd go get the little man back to sleep.

*tap, tap*


Slightly harder, *TAP, TAP*  "Shaun!" I hissed.

"What?!  What!?  He leaned up on his elbows and stared at me in the dark.  One of those really creepy unblinking stares.

"Shaun, can you go see what's up with Sayer?"

He kept staring.

"Shaun, go check on Sayer!"

He squinted at me and then said, "Why?"

I paused to listen to Sayer for a second.  He was still yelling.

"Um, do you not HEAR him!?"

Shaun grunted and hoisted himself out of bed.  I heard shuffling around but Sayer kept hollering.  At this point, he'd shifted to, "NO! NO!" because the kid has gained opinions and apparently?  Shaun wasn't doing what Sayer was demanding.

Then, quiet.  Shaun came back in and fell into bed.  Sweet!  Mission accomplished.

Until 1 am.  Then, little man turned the pipes on again.  Still feeling gross and having just gotten back to sleep, I poked Shaun again.


"Go deal with Sayer."


"Shaun." *Poke, poke* "Shaun!"

He sat halfway up, gasped in shock, and said, "WHAT?!"

"Go deal with Sayer!"

"Ok."  And then, he put his head back on the pillow and picked up his cell phone and began scrolling through his facebook stream.

"SHAUN!" I snapped.

"Why are you YELLING at me?!" He sat up and looked totally confused.  I pointed at the monitor and he finally got out of bed and tended to sleep-opposed Sayer.

He's not being a punk.  And he's genuinely helpful.  But how that man sleeps through the siren like wail of his kid, I'll never know.  It's a darn good thing they keep me around.

Best part?  When asked in the morning, he has a vague recollection of Sayer waking a couple of times, but that's about it.  I'm thinking about pawning off all night wakings on him.  After all, if he doesn't remember, he doesn't know how tired he's supposed to be.  Right?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear Children

My Dear, Sweet, Rambunctious Children,

I am writing this note to inform you of the proper roles of certain adult members of this household.  If you could kindly adhere to these guidelines, a harmony so great will descend upon our household that angels will sing.

Henceforth, these are roles to be fulfilled by the man of the house, also known as DADDY:

1.  Jungle Gym
2.  Climbing Wall
3.  Trampoline
4.  Pitcher/Catcher
5.  Boogie Man Getter
6.  Bug Killer/Remover
7.  Retriever of Things on High Shelves
8.  Landing Pad

In accordance, these are the roles to be fulfilled by the crazy lady in residence, also known as MOMMY:

1.  Lost Things Finder
2.  Boogie Getter (Note, this is distinctly different than the above #5)
3.  Vegetable Pusher
4.  Midnight Snuggler
5.  Hair Styler
6.  Laundry Doer
7.  Tear Wiper
8.  Matching Outfit Clothier

Please refer to this list in times of doubt... or when you think seat dropping your 26 pound frame on your Mama's pregnant belly is a good idea.  (For reference, it's not.  See DADDY LIST #8).  Or for when you lose your shoes and are trying to get Daddy to help find them, (See MOMMY LIST #1).

All things unlisted are to be equally carried out by both the MOMMY and DADDY, (See 1. Hugs, 2. Kisses, 3. Snuggles, 4. Diaper Changes)

With love,

S Household Management.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


One of my favorite books chronicles the (mis)adventures of the U.S. Ski team through a few years during the 90's.  AJ Kitt, one of the better skiers, (arguably the best of the bunch), was a bit of a rogue to the traditional ways of doing things.  Everybody was going to run a few miles and lift weights?  He'd use the elliptical and do some push-ups.

His team took to calling him O.P.  This stood for Own Program.  But he got the desired results, so no one fussed too much.

Now, I have three kids, almost four.  My first is a compliant, easy-going kid who, while she's a typical kid and balks at the conventional when it doesn't suit her, generally does what she's told.  

Then there's my second born.  You're all familiar with Miss Caly (2) and her tendency to be... um...  high spirited?  Yeah.  

I sometimes find myself looking at her as she's in the throes of some antic or another and saying, "What. The. HECK."

She's something else.

A few weeks ago, we went to dinner where we ordered a family special.  I figured there was something there to appease everyone... a pizza, breadsticks, a salad and some lasagna.  Caly had recently been making her intense dislike of "Sauce NOODLES" known but I figured she'd eat some salad and bread or pizza crust.

Of course, (OF COURSE), when the meal arrived, she got her plate, looked at it, and said, "But... but Mama, I don't LIKE sauce noodles."  I told her to eat the other stuff on her plate.  And true to her nature, she ate nothing.  But to her credit, she sat somewhat quietly.  After awhile, I tried to encourage her to eat again, but she was having none of it.  So she got Shaun's attention.  "Daddy?  Daddy?  DADDY!?  I don't like sauce noodles!"  He was trying to have another conversation* and took her lasagna noodle and absentmindedly wiped the sauce off with his fork.  He handed it over to Caly who speared it with her fork, looked at it skeptically, and said,

"There is still sauce on my noodle."  And then she put it down.  Shaun tossed her a napkin and told her to wipe it off.  She did for a minute before getting completely frustrated.  "MAMA!  DAAAADDY!  'SCUZE ME! DADDY!! I can't get the sauce off of my noodle!"

Shaun was finally exasperated enough to say, "Caly, I don't care what you do with the noodle.  If you don't want it, fine.  If you want to eat it, I don't know....  why don't you lick the sauce off?"  And with that, he started to turn back around.

What did Caly do?  Take a wild guess.

She sat there for a full five minutes and licked every tiny speck of sauce off of that noodle.  When she was done, she gleefully lifted her forked noodle in the air for all to see before declaring,

"NOW my noodle doesn't have anymore sauce!"

And then she ate every bite.

Own. Program.

*(we're working on the interrupting factor.  She's 2. We have three kids.  We'll get there one day).  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You Know She's My Daughter...

Those of you who've known me for a long time will especially appreciate this one.  Last Sunday, Caly joined the big kids in their class at church, (namely because the child is as stubborn as six hundred mules and charming as a thousand snuggly bunnies and managed to talk her way in to Miss Clare's class).  But by all accounts, she behaved, so no big deal there.

They played charades after a bit and she adapted the rules to suit herself.  When it came time for her to act her animal out, she started mooing.  So Clare guessed, "You're a cow!"

Caly grinned, leaned over with her mouth open and said, "I'm a man eating cow!" and proceeded to gnaw on Clare's arm.

Yes, yes... that's my kid.

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