Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You Know She's My Daughter...

Those of you who've known me for a long time will especially appreciate this one.  Last Sunday, Caly joined the big kids in their class at church, (namely because the child is as stubborn as six hundred mules and charming as a thousand snuggly bunnies and managed to talk her way in to Miss Clare's class).  But by all accounts, she behaved, so no big deal there.

They played charades after a bit and she adapted the rules to suit herself.  When it came time for her to act her animal out, she started mooing.  So Clare guessed, "You're a cow!"

Caly grinned, leaned over with her mouth open and said, "I'm a man eating cow!" and proceeded to gnaw on Clare's arm.

Yes, yes... that's my kid.


  1. Yay I made your blog :-) Even if I had to be a snack for your child to do it ;-) I do love all your kids and I'm a sucker for them.


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