Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear Children

My Dear, Sweet, Rambunctious Children,

I am writing this note to inform you of the proper roles of certain adult members of this household.  If you could kindly adhere to these guidelines, a harmony so great will descend upon our household that angels will sing.

Henceforth, these are roles to be fulfilled by the man of the house, also known as DADDY:

1.  Jungle Gym
2.  Climbing Wall
3.  Trampoline
4.  Pitcher/Catcher
5.  Boogie Man Getter
6.  Bug Killer/Remover
7.  Retriever of Things on High Shelves
8.  Landing Pad

In accordance, these are the roles to be fulfilled by the crazy lady in residence, also known as MOMMY:

1.  Lost Things Finder
2.  Boogie Getter (Note, this is distinctly different than the above #5)
3.  Vegetable Pusher
4.  Midnight Snuggler
5.  Hair Styler
6.  Laundry Doer
7.  Tear Wiper
8.  Matching Outfit Clothier

Please refer to this list in times of doubt... or when you think seat dropping your 26 pound frame on your Mama's pregnant belly is a good idea.  (For reference, it's not.  See DADDY LIST #8).  Or for when you lose your shoes and are trying to get Daddy to help find them, (See MOMMY LIST #1).

All things unlisted are to be equally carried out by both the MOMMY and DADDY, (See 1. Hugs, 2. Kisses, 3. Snuggles, 4. Diaper Changes)

With love,

S Household Management.


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