Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Big Doctor DO and Some Updating

So, I took the kids to the pediatrician last week for a well visit for the big kid and the little kid.  The middle kid just clambered along for the ride.  (I toyed with the idea of leaving her home, but there's that whole thing about not wanting the house to burn down in my absence that kind of held me back).

Anyway, this was our second visit to this particular office, first with this doctor.  We switched mostly due to location and our first visit went well enough, but I left the office, (again with three kids), completely frazzled.  The kids were typical kids and I had trouble getting to have more than 3 words in edgewise over their noise.

This time?  Quite different.  So, if you're in the pediatric profession, take note.  This particular Dr. had the magic.

We were ushered into the exam room quickly and the super sweet nurse took the basic stats from the kids.  She helped corral the littlest as I herded the big two into the bathroom.  I was kind of overwhelmed, but since that's sort of the status quo with three kids in public, that's not unusual.

Then there was the licking the exam table incident involving the kid who shall not be named.  But we won't speak of that.  (And thankfully, we've been plague free since... either she has an immune system of steel or they do a good job wiping things down between visits).

Then, the doctor came in.  Immediately, he stopped, pulled some gymboree bubbles, (those things are so much better than regular bubbles), out of his pocket and filled the room with tiny bubbles.  The kids were entranced.  They spent at least 15 minutes gleefully popping bubbles.  And you know what I did with those 15 minutes?  I talked to the doctor. UNINTERRUPTED.


The rest of the visit continued in the awesome vein, but that little trick was far too good not to share.  If your doc doesn't do the bubble thing, maybe you could bring your own?  (I'd advise checking first).  But there's something to be said for being able to share you concerns and questions with the doctor and actually be able to conduct a two-sided, un-distracted conversation.

As for stats, here's what we ended up with for the oldest and youngest, (I was going to say biggest and littlest, but that's no longer true, as you'll see):

S(18 months): 28 lbs. and 14 oz.  Yeah, he's a big kid.  This is around the 85th percentile.  As for his height, I forget what it actually was, (and dang it, can't find the sheets), but he's actually somewhere around the 75th percentile. The doctor figures that he was mis-measured last time.  So basketball is again on the table. Maybe. And his head?  It's off the charts.  But everyone who's seen my melon headed baby boy could have guessed that.  Lots of brains.

L(5):  She was in the 50th percentile for weight and the 70th(!) for height.  The doc said that if she continues along this growth track, she's possible looking at being somewhere around 5 feet, 5 inches.  In other words, that's another kid that's going to dwarf her mother.

Both kids met their developmental milestones with no problem and the doctor remarked that he was sort of shocked at how many words S knew and how clearly he spoke. This was a relief as at his 15month appointment, the kid knew a handful of words and rarely used them.  Seems he realized that he has to keep up with his sisters somehow.  Now I can't get the kid to be quiet.  So there are three perpetual chatterboxes in our midst.

Anyway, they're happy, healthy kids and as much as we loved the doctor, we're really hoping we don't see him again until the next well visits.

And now, a completely gratuitous picture of my little (sort of) big-headed munchkin.


  1. I want to eat him up :) Glad the kiddos are healthy, happy and hilarious (just like their Mama)


  2. I've never used Gymbo bubbles. I know! ME?! A Gymbo addict?! But I've heard they're amazingly magical. What a great idea the Doctor had!

  3. Your son is so handsome! Miss you guys and can't wait to see pictures of new addition soon :)

  4. I LOVE the Gymboree bubbles. We bought them when Ash was taking the Gymboree classes. They are totally amazing. I may have to use that trick for phone calls! Keep the bubbles out of sight but in reach so I can fill the room with bubbles in a matter of seconds. AWESOME idea! And I'm so glad you like the doctor!


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