Saturday, June 26, 2010

Silly Is As Silly Does

The girls have been running around wearing a pair of sunglasses that were missing a lens.  I decided to pop the other lens out and add the frames to the dress-up box.  Instant hit.  So much so that we all joined in on the action.  Enjoy a glimpse of our fun:

We're a little quirky... but we like it that way :)

Friday, June 25, 2010


Today, from the waist down, I have rubber bands for appendages.  My arms feel like spaghetti.  And do not even get me started about my abs.  Just don't make me laugh for a few days.  If I had arm strength, I think I'd punch you.

There was a day when I could run circles around most people.  A workout?  Ha, I laughed in the face of workouts.  I'd play 3 hours of soccer then head off to climb or something.

Even in college I was playing soccer at least 4 or 5 days a week.

I was in shape.  Good shape.  I didn't get winded climbing stairs, to say the least.

Then I met Shaun.  And we got married. 

Shaun and I like food.  We REALLY like food.  And after we got married, we ate a lot of it.  And spent a good amount of time sitting on the couch watching movies while we did it. 

But we started soccer-ing again...  and life was again ok on the fitness front.

And then I had 3 kids. 

Now, I thought that chasing them around and hauling the MEATBALL everywhere was an amazing workout.  

Then I met Jillian Michaels.


She scares me.

My body feels like I've been flogged. 

I'm choosing to believe that it's because the workout is hard and not because I was such a fledgling weakling that 2 days of a 30 minute workout has practically crippled me. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to waddle to the kitchen to eat some m&m's celery.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Almost 11 Months

This handsome little red-haired ball of energy is almost 11 months old today.

Half of my days are spent squinting at him, wondering where the time went. Then, an instant later, he flashes me a grin and takes off, intent on some crazy act of destruction.

(Think he looks too sweet for destruction?  Yeah, I thought so too... then he pulled my kitchen cabinet door off of the hinges).

He idolizes his sisters and is far, far happier when they're around to play with him.  I contemplated waking them up at 6am this morning when he was unusally cranky.  I didn't.  But I was right... as soon as they came out of their room, he brightened right on up.

Well, he almost always loves being around them... sometimes the fact that they're a bit bigger can totally exasperate him.  Well, it won't be long til he can dish the "love" back out.

His sisters do just about anything to make him laugh.  One of his most recognizable words is "jump"... most likely resulting from the absolute belly laughs he gives when the girls jump up and down like loonies around him. He cracks up every time.  It's a wonderful little tool to have in my back pocket to stave off that inevitable meltdown while shopping.

Actually, the kid is far more likely to be grinning than crying.  He's not much of a sleeper... in fact, he needs FAR less sleep than his sisters did at this age... but he's happy 95% of the time.  I can handle a small person's company if they're that jolly.

He gives kisses freely, complete with dramatic smacking sounds.  When he gets tired of smooches, he um, bites.  Not hard, but they're stealthy.  It's far less than he used to, but oy.  Watch that you don't put your fingers near his mouth. Now that he's found his tongue,  I'm just waiting for him to start licking people like his sister does, (thank you SHAUN, for teaching her that one).

He loves his Mama, no doubt.... but he'll reach for Shaun any day, even from my arms. And "DADA!  DADA!" is an perpetual exclamation when Shaun walks in the room.  I don't really mind. Because when Shaun scoops him up, that's generally 23 pounds that I don't have to schlep out of the cabinets or from under the table or in my closet.

He's my jolly, sweet, mischievous, delightful little man...  100% percent boy and hasn't even turned one yet. And I think that he's learning quite quickly that the quickest way out of trouble is with dimples and a grin like his.  Then I'm the one in trouble, I think.

I think I'm ok with that kind of trouble.  Now, I have to go put my kitchen cabinets back together.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Linky Link Link Links - Part Foooooour

What better way to defer having to come up with my own witty thoughts than to point you elsewhere to for things to read?

I mean, here are some very cool links.  Ahem.  Right.

Crayon Carvings - These are so amazingly cool.  I can't imagine what compelled someone to do this... nor do I know what I'd do with them post carving, but hey, that's why there's the internet.  (via Amy @ Flexible Dreams)

Engage Couple Finds Picture Showing Them Crossing Paths in Toddlerhood - Pretty cute story showing that this big world isn't quite so big after all.  (via someone on Facebook... Julia?)

Fun Clipping Toy - I'm not terribly crafty, but seeing how my kids love to buckle things, this might be worth the effort.  (via Parent Hacks)

 Play Helps Kids Learn - Hey, imagine that!  Free play time is GOOD for kids.  Messy play?  Even better.  Love the part that talks about how rough housing is good for boys.

When Queens Ride By - A short story that really, really changed my perspective on how I approach the day to day life in my household.  Really well worth the read.  (I'll probably do an entire post on this soon). (via Owlhaven)

Mermaid Survivors! - Got mermaid acting experience?  You could try out for the sequel to Titanic!  Yes, sequel... because apparently, there's a lot more to the story. 

I'm Famous!  - Ok, not really...  Amy took the picture and Aaron is the subject...  but I made the cake pops!  Yay Bakerella!

A Stormtrooper a Day - 365 days of Stormtrooper photos.  I love this set.  It's ridiculous.  But it will crack you up. 

Leave Me - Poignant short film.  Will leave you teary.  (via postsecret)

and last one.   The Seventeen Magazine Project - Super interesting... Take a peek for yourself.  I'm interested to see how it turns out.  (via @tonytsheng)

I promise I will return to blogging with substance of my own soon.  :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


My middle child is my wild child. She's the one I come running for when I hear silence.  Because she's up to something.  It's inevitable.  Last week, she and her sister were in their room dissolving into giggles. My first thought, "I love when my girls get along!  That's excellent!" 

My second thought crashed into the first,  "What the heck are they up to?"

I walked into the room to see Caly, naked except for a diaper, about to jump off of her sister's bed. 

"Ready Mommy?  Onnnnne...  twooooo...  threeeee!"  And she jumped.  And cackled the whole time.  And then?  She did it again. 

I'm afraid to take the kids to any pool by myself because Caly will be the one that walks off of the edge without fear, whether I'm there to catch her or not.  Can't swim?  Who cares!  (I do!) 

She spends her days begging me or  Shaun to toss her in the air or flip her over, which we do.  And for a time, her penchant for danger is satisfied. 

At this rate, I'll probably make good friends at the ER when she and her brother are old enough to get into things together.   

She's a kid of extremes.  When she's happy, she's delighted.  When she's upset, I think our neighbors probably hear about it.  Her temper tantrums are legendary.  (And frequent).

As quick as she is to get angry, she's quicker to melt into a hug.  Being two is hard.  Being two when your mom won't let you climb on the top of the refrigerator is harder. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Wednesday

It's Wednesday. 

A light rain is falling.  I can hear a train whistle in the distance, low and deep.  The rustle of leaves sound like swirling taffeta under the mixed chirps of hundreds of birds. 

Bean and her cousin are outside, chasing frogs, getting soaked, imagining fantastic stories.   

The littles are asleep already, earlier than usual, but that's what a rainy day does to me, too.

On our little country road, the house is peaceful.  I'm taking some quiet minutes to myself. 

Because it's Wednesday.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Kid Words

My kids are getting older.  And speaking more clearly. And as a result?  They're losing those funny little pronunciations of words that have always, always made me smile. 

(And quite honestly, some of them I won't correct because I love hearing them so much.  Farshfellows?  Yes, please).

Here's a compilation of a few of my favorites from the girls:

"Farshfellow" - Marshmallow
"Ma-lay-na"  - Banana
"M L M's" - "M&Ms
"Forseys" - Horseys
"Pollypop" - Lollipop
"Dinoroar" - Dinosaur
"Bap" - Bath
"Goggie" - Doggie
"Rawberries" - Strawberries

Sayer also has his own:

"Mama" - Feed me, hold me, snuggle me, play with me, NOW
"DADA!" - Daddy!  Yay!  DAAAADDDYY!
"EEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAEEEE" - Everything else :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Girl...

My girl, in my wedding veil. 

Be still my heart.
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