Friday, June 4, 2010

Kid Words

My kids are getting older.  And speaking more clearly. And as a result?  They're losing those funny little pronunciations of words that have always, always made me smile. 

(And quite honestly, some of them I won't correct because I love hearing them so much.  Farshfellows?  Yes, please).

Here's a compilation of a few of my favorites from the girls:

"Farshfellow" - Marshmallow
"Ma-lay-na"  - Banana
"M L M's" - "M&Ms
"Forseys" - Horseys
"Pollypop" - Lollipop
"Dinoroar" - Dinosaur
"Bap" - Bath
"Goggie" - Doggie
"Rawberries" - Strawberries

Sayer also has his own:

"Mama" - Feed me, hold me, snuggle me, play with me, NOW
"DADA!" - Daddy!  Yay!  DAAAADDDYY!
"EEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAEEEE" - Everything else :)


  1. Farshfellows and Forseys have always been my faves :-)

  2. Yes, those kid-words are precious. I still remember some of my kids' mispronunciations, and they are 30 and 23!! :) Kevin was a good one for them; two of my faves: shilkmake (milkshake) and reracer (eraser). Gotta love it.

  3. So sweet - I was sad when Abby lost some of her perfect words by hanging with other children. "Yellow" in July of last year is now "Lellooo." Aww, sweetie, you're too cute. Now give me the crayon!


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