Thursday, June 10, 2010


My middle child is my wild child. She's the one I come running for when I hear silence.  Because she's up to something.  It's inevitable.  Last week, she and her sister were in their room dissolving into giggles. My first thought, "I love when my girls get along!  That's excellent!" 

My second thought crashed into the first,  "What the heck are they up to?"

I walked into the room to see Caly, naked except for a diaper, about to jump off of her sister's bed. 

"Ready Mommy?  Onnnnne...  twooooo...  threeeee!"  And she jumped.  And cackled the whole time.  And then?  She did it again. 

I'm afraid to take the kids to any pool by myself because Caly will be the one that walks off of the edge without fear, whether I'm there to catch her or not.  Can't swim?  Who cares!  (I do!) 

She spends her days begging me or  Shaun to toss her in the air or flip her over, which we do.  And for a time, her penchant for danger is satisfied. 

At this rate, I'll probably make good friends at the ER when she and her brother are old enough to get into things together.   

She's a kid of extremes.  When she's happy, she's delighted.  When she's upset, I think our neighbors probably hear about it.  Her temper tantrums are legendary.  (And frequent).

As quick as she is to get angry, she's quicker to melt into a hug.  Being two is hard.  Being two when your mom won't let you climb on the top of the refrigerator is harder. 


  1. Love this - even when they are "bad" it can be so gooooood. You might be right about how things will play out when she and the little guy can run the streets together... EEK!

  2. Love the post and pictures! I thunk you captured her essence with these pics! Great job!

  3. Love the pictures! She is way to adorable and sounds like my boys (and me when i was her age). Always have to love the tomboy!

  4. You don't let her climb on top of the fridge? What kind of poor excuse for a mother are you??

    She is a fierce little girl, she and Bekah will have a lot in common soon!

  5. Must be a middle child thing because HOOBOY we have it here too ;-)


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