Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Linky Link Link Links - Part Foooooour

What better way to defer having to come up with my own witty thoughts than to point you elsewhere to for things to read?

I mean, here are some very cool links.  Ahem.  Right.

Crayon Carvings - These are so amazingly cool.  I can't imagine what compelled someone to do this... nor do I know what I'd do with them post carving, but hey, that's why there's the internet.  (via Amy @ Flexible Dreams)

Engage Couple Finds Picture Showing Them Crossing Paths in Toddlerhood - Pretty cute story showing that this big world isn't quite so big after all.  (via someone on Facebook... Julia?)

Fun Clipping Toy - I'm not terribly crafty, but seeing how my kids love to buckle things, this might be worth the effort.  (via Parent Hacks)

 Play Helps Kids Learn - Hey, imagine that!  Free play time is GOOD for kids.  Messy play?  Even better.  Love the part that talks about how rough housing is good for boys.

When Queens Ride By - A short story that really, really changed my perspective on how I approach the day to day life in my household.  Really well worth the read.  (I'll probably do an entire post on this soon). (via Owlhaven)

Mermaid Survivors! - Got mermaid acting experience?  You could try out for the sequel to Titanic!  Yes, sequel... because apparently, there's a lot more to the story. 

I'm Famous!  - Ok, not really...  Amy took the picture and Aaron is the subject...  but I made the cake pops!  Yay Bakerella!

A Stormtrooper a Day - 365 days of Stormtrooper photos.  I love this set.  It's ridiculous.  But it will crack you up. 

Leave Me - Poignant short film.  Will leave you teary.  (via postsecret)

and last one.   The Seventeen Magazine Project - Super interesting... Take a peek for yourself.  I'm interested to see how it turns out.  (via @tonytsheng)

I promise I will return to blogging with substance of my own soon.  :)


  1. Number 2 was from kyle! I can see you've been stalkin' my wall!

  2. That story was captivating! Interesting to think about and touching.

  3. I loved the When Queens Ride By story. I didn't think I would when I started out but by the time I got to the end I had tears in my eyes.


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