Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mom Secrets

So, my friend Amy at Flexible Dreams and another awesome blogger, Bella from Bella Before and After, are starting a movement to bring those little secrets of motherhood out from under the rug, (or from in the non-working microwave, or from that room in your house where you cram everything you can't find a place for).

Real Moms Real Laughs

So, in honor of the Real Moms, Real Laughs party, here's my list:

1.  I told my child today that if she asked me again for a band aid, I was going to find and eat the entire box. And leave none for her. Or the tiny cut on her foot.

2.  I managed to keep my children from doing anything ridiculously germy at the doc's office yesterday. That is, until I caught my second born licking the exam table from one end to the other. Goodbye health, hello plagues.

3.  I don't shower every day. Granted, my skin gets totally dry and gross if I do, but I have found on more than one occasion that I couldn't remember when my last shower actually was.  On one occasion, my oldest told me that I was a bit... smelly. I try to go for every other day. I try. In the winter, my kids bathe less than I do. Sorry if you meet us in person. We're the smelly kids.

4.  I have mastered the art of sleeping with children climbing all over me. I am not ashamed of this. In fact, I'm quite proud of the fact that I can completely keep tabs on all of my kids and catch a nap at the same time.

There you have it. My first list. I say first, because I'm positive there are others. But I need to go shower and prepare for the onslaught of germs that are going to befall our house due to wayward toddler licks.



  1. Surely how infrequently we bathe is my biggest dirty secret :)

  2. Love this! I need to think of some that I am willing to share. Like, my son wore the same pjs for 3 or 4 days. And that was recently. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  3. Abby gets two baths a week - mid-week and Sunday morning. Hair washing only occurs on the Sunday Morning one. :o)

    Maybe I will play this game, I've had some doozies lately...

  4. You are HILARIOUS,,, just what I needed to read to get my day started off right. I have the biggest smile on my face, and I had a good laugh. I LOVE you for participating, and I seriously am having so much fun reading these posts.

    I also nap with climbing kids, he he. AND, I am also a smelly one, lol. Especially in the winter, no problem, going a week without a shower, lol, jk, kind of.

    In the summer though, I'd rather not go more than a couple hours without one, GOSH, I sweat like crazy, and summers in the south, are STICKY!!!

    Hugs, and TRY not to get sick!!!

    Bella :)

  5. You CRACK me up!! As always :-)

    Oh, how I wish I could go days between showers, sleep with kids climbing on me and prevent my son from licking disgustingly dirty things.

    The latest inappropriate thing I said to my kids was at the zoo. "If you don't stop ignoring me I am going to FEED YOU TO A LION!!"

    Love you :-)

  6. I often shower only every other day, and definitely only wash my hair only every other day. It gets insane frizzy otherwise. And the kids don't get baths every day except in the summer if they've gotten visibly dirty.
    What else? Oh, my van is generally appallingly dirty inside. It's such a pain to vacuum out and I figure if I can keep my HOUSE clean I'm doing good, much less the car!


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