Monday, October 13, 2008

As Good A Reason As Any...

Still posting from my phone, slightly twitchy from three days with no internet access.

(No, I don't count molassass slow connections from my cell phone as internet... that's just torture).

Anyway, we're back on the road again, heading to friends' houses and to one of Shaun's grandmoms.

That's literal... I'm in the car with Shaun, rolling over the flatlands of TX.

Bean is utterly fascinated with the scenery. The particular road we're traveling on runs parallel to a train track so she's getting her fill of wide-eyed looks at trains.

She's also back there playing our "I Love You From...." game where we pick landmarks and say things like,

"I love you all the way from this car all the way to that big tree."

Generally, the locations are pretty benign. But today, she said this one:

"Mommy, I love you all the way to... GUACAMOLE!"

I don't know where she spotted it, but I'm hungry and I want some.

(and yes, that's a lot of love)


  1. cute bean!i hope you're taking lots of pictures for people like me who never get to go anywhere!

  2. Mmmm. Guacamole. Great, now I want some!

    Glad to hear your trip is going well.

  3. I love you from here to Texas...come back soon...please?! I miss you!

  4. Jen, I sure hope your not poking fun at our flat lands and we do have trees........just not as close together as the ones in MD. I kinda like seeing my destination ahead. I can't see where I'm going in MD and I never could see a MALL from the highway. I think Danny and Anthony told me there are no malls in MD. I know you have them, I just couldn't see around the trees or over the hills. ~julie

  5. Hahaha, Julie... they told you that to keep you from going. Don't worry, next time you visit, we'll make sure to find ALL of them within 30 miles :)

    No, I like the flatness of Texas. It's like being on a pizza :)


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