Friday, October 31, 2008

C: 6 Months

Happy half birthday, munchkin.

You decided that you would celebrate by suddenly being able to sit up for long periods of time.  Seriously, from one day to the next, you went from wobbling all over the place to "yup, I'm so TOTALLY a pro at this."  You'll be ready to compete in the sit portion of the baby olympics in no time.

(Um, they totally have those... I can't decide if I'm really disturbed by the yelling and cheering or really disturbed because they're racing BABIES!)

Anyway, I'm not putting you in the baby olympics, don't worry.  There's probably more than enough out there for me to embarrass you with without having to purposely seek out chances.

You've definitely entered into the "MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY" phase of life.  I generally don't mind because half the time, I'm around anyway.  You've been known to throw a complete fit and when everyone is convinced you're tired or hungry, I'll come get you and instantly, you'll stop.  Your Daddy just shakes his head when this happens.  He knows you have me wrapped all up with you.

Hey, I don't know that I'd be so secretly in love with how you do this if you didn't also decide this was the time to start reaching out for me.  Next to a baby grin, having a little one put their hands out for you to pick them up or hold them is seriously one of the most awesome baby things in the world.

You took your first plane trip and vacation ever and was probably the best traveler out of the four of us.  You ate, snoozed, and smiled at everyone.  That's a good day in your life.

While we were there, for the first time since you were very, very small, you fell asleep with your head on my shoulder.  I would have dissolved into a gooey Mom-puddle on the floor, but I think that would have woken you up.

Since the trip, we started solids and you're sort of apathetic about the whole experience.  More often than not, you like to shower me with whatever you're eating by starting to talk when you have food in your mouth.  Note: "Bababababa" does a really good job in helping you spray your food.

Your sleep habits are SLOWLY changing.  I'm at a crossroads with you right now...  We're still waking up a bit during the night and most times, you're not hungry.  Many would say to let you cry it out, but you get so darn amped up and hyper that I just don't think that's what needs to happen.  Yet.  We'll reevaluate in a few weeks.  It's funny, since I began considering what I would need to do to get you to sleep on your own through the night, you've slowly been starting to fall asleep on your own and settling yourself in the middle of the night without me having to go in there.  I think you're just on your Own Program.  So long as it continues on the upswing, I'll go at your pace.

You're still tormenting your sister whenever you get a chance.  She doesn't really mind, though she makes a pretense of being all mad.  Well, at least I know she loves the pieces out of you.  If I'd let her, she'd carry you all over the place and pretend you were her personal doll.  Except, since her dolls tend to have mysterious accidents in their strollers or end up head first in a drawer, I'm not too inclined to let her... yet.

You're very cheerful and don't really fuss at all unless you're tired or hungry.  Well, or if you see Mommy and you're being held by someone else.

I'm sure you've figured this out, but I'm pretty powerless when I hear you get upset.  Please try really hard not to use that against me?

You're super close to crawling.  You've got two arms ready and one leg underneath of you.  Get the other leg up and you'll be on all fours.  It seems that you've paused in your pursuit for the traditional crawling, mainly because you've found other methods of movement that get you right where you want to go, (which is often where Bean or I DON'T want you to go).

I give you a few weeks and I'm guessing you'll be off like a rocket. 

Look out world, this one's a firecracker.

Love always, even in the middle night,



  1. What a cutie patootie!

    Maya from Springtree Road has nominated you to win a prize in a giveaway that I am doing. Maybe you'd like to come on over and nominate someone, too!?!
    Wayfaring Wanderer: Share the Love : A Giveaway

  2. I can't believe how big she is! So cute!!!


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