Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quirky Quirks

I think this quite possibly is my first meme ever, at least on this blog. 

Anyway, Kate at The Accidental Traveler tagged me on this one and hey, I'm quirky enough to number far more than 7 items, so I figured this would be a good filler until I can get C's update posted.  So here I go!

Seven Quirky Things About Myself
1. I chew on the inside seam of the collar of all t-shirts.  This one drives Shaun NUTS.  He hates, hates, HATES this.  Probably because I tend to wear his t-shirts and eventually, they get holes in the collar.  I don't know why I do this. 

2.  I talk to myself.  A lot.  And I always have.  Now I blame it on the kids, saying that I'm talking to them for the benefit of their speech development, but that's one big hairy lie.  I've always done it.  And I've been known to chat it up with myself in the middle of the grocery store SANS kids. 

3. I love medical shows on TV.  The gorier, the better.  I have a latent desire to be a doctor, so that's probably where it comes from.  But it makes me laugh when Shaun has to leave the room because it gets too gross and I'm absolutely entranced. 

4.  Despite totally having the stomach for blood and guts and all sorts of medical gore, I can't even begin to describe how skeeved out I get at the grossness that collects in the sink drain.  Moving to a house that doesn't have a garbage disposal is a serious problem.  I've been known to scrub down the entire kitchen, but leave the nasties in the sink for Shaun to deal with.  Scrub a toilet?  Fine.  Get the goo out of the sink catch?  Find someone else.  

5.   I can generally tell the time within a few minutes without looking at a watch.  I haven't put this to the test since C was born, which is probably a good thing since there are days when I don't even remember my own name. 

6.  I like corn in/on everything.  Salsa, tacos, tuna, pizza, soup, etc.  You name it and as long as it isn't sweet, I like it with corn.  (Ok, cornbread is sweet...  mmmm, cornbread).

7.  I have a really hard time either starting a thought at the beginning or finishing a thought at the end.  But only out loud.  It makes sense to me.  But apparently, starting to speak in the middle of a sentence and ending before it's finished doesn't make a whole lot of sense to most people.  Why ever not?

Ok, that's that!  I tag Jess @ Lily of the Palms,  AmyB @ Remember to Play, and Maya at Springtree Road


  1. ack! you're the second person to tag me with this. i guess i'll have to do it.

  2. And that's twice that AmyB's been tagged.

    The starting thoughts thing is only annoying when you string sixteen half thoughts together without a breath in between.


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