Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Some funnies from today:

Right before dinner today, Bean comes snuggling up to me and says,

"Mommy, I love you."

"Oh kiddo, I love you too."

Then, without missing a beat, she says,

"I love you to get me some food." 


Later in the evening, I was teasing her a little, calling her all sorts of funny names.  After a few minutes, she stopped me,

"Mommy,  I am not a pumpkin pie or a snickerdoodle.  But I am cute!"

She makes me laugh. 


  1. She's right - definitely one of the cutest kids I've EVER seen!

  2. I need some videos of this kid talking, please!!

  3. CUTE she is! ~julie

  4. ha ha! she is cute!

    the other day, we were at target and V was looking at a baby with her family and i said, "what a cutie!" and V said, "i'm a cutie too!"

    jealous girl! ;)

  5. Well...at least she's right!! She is SO CUTE!

  6. That is cute. You have to love how kids pick up on what we call them or say to others about them. I tell my people all the time how adorable my boys are and the other day someone ask my 2 yo how old he was and he said "im not old im adorable!" ROTTEN!!!


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