Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Looks Like We'll Need to Speak in Code Now

This afternoon, Bean was eating a post-nap snack, (these are so totally necessary to prevent meltdowns of the most awful degree).

Anyway, before her nap, we had all discussed a possible trip to the park once she woke up.  However, time was getting short and Shaun looked at me and said,

"Are we still going to try the P-A-R-K?" 

Before I could reply, Bean anwered,

"No, I would like to go to the playground AND the park."

Um, excuse me?  Who taught her to spell?  Anyone?

"Bean, what does P-A-R-K spell?"

She grinned at me,


Whether she really knows how to spell some words or she figured it out by context, who knows.  But it's still pretty cool. 

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  1. She's so smart...and cute! :)

  2. I'll never forget the day Ashleigh learned that I-C-E C-R-E-A-M spells ice cream....we both about fell over. Isn't it grand? Smart kids always keep you on your toes! Have fun at the park AND the playground!

  3. Christopher asked for N-D-Y-Corn for MONTHS after Halloween last year.

    Remember when we were out for Corinne's birthday and I started spelling out her present? Her 29th birthday?!

  4. Man o Man i dread when my boys figure it out. I think i have a whole but you never know with these kids.

  5. ha ha. i hope you took her to the p-a-r-k!

  6. my mom went to spelling things backwards when my sister learned to spell...in a relatively short time she figured that out too, but it gave them a few months to transition to something else:)


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