Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two Days

 For two full days, we looked for the dog.  We walked through the neighborhoods calling "Amore!  Amore!"

We took Indi with us in hopes that she could sniff Amore out.

We bought sharpies and posterboard and put up countless signs.

We knocked on doors and stopped people on the street.

We slept fitfully and started awake, thinking we were hearing her bark outside the door.

We left the porch door open despite the clear possibility we'd have wildlife other than a dog on our porch in the morning.

We called vet offices and crossed our fingers that she wasn't hurt.

We left messages with the Humane Society branches in 4 counties.

We called Animal Control to see if they had recovered her body.

Shaun walked down each busy road, poking in the bushes.

Nothing.  For two whole days.  Nothing.

We started to lose hope.

"I don't think she's coming back..."

"Me neither."

We kept busy to push the sadness out of our minds.

Then, last night, right around 9:15, Shaun got a call from a lady who asked about the dog and then said that she had picked her up and took her to a friend's kennel. 

I was lying in bed, and he burst through the door, "SHE'S OK!"

Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers.

An hour and a half later, I was greeted by the cold wet nose of a dog that I didn't know I'd miss as much as I did.

And never was I happier to see her.

Better yet, this morning, Bean walked into my room and when the dogs stood up to greet her, she said,

"A-more-yay is home!  You found her! Now Indi is not sad.  No one is sad!  A-more-yay!  You're home!"

Yup, A-more-yay is home.

Thanks everyone for your kind wishes and words.  We're happy to have her back.


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