Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why I Do So Much Laundry: A Revelation

My sister came to stay this weekend and was absolutely shocked at how many loads of laundry I ended up doing. 

"Where on earth does this all come from?!"

Where indeed.

Let's take a walk through an average day, shall we?

7:30am Wake time.  Change toddler out of jammies.  Notice that they're rather damp.  Realize that randomly, she has had another accident.  Strip her bed.  Throw linens and pj's down the laundry chute. 

8:00am C wakes up.  Walk into the room to realize that she too has had an accident.  Hers is far bigger and far messier.  Strip baby, bed, and consider tearing up the carpet.  Throw dirty things down laundry chute. 

8:12am  Realize that in the midst of the poo-gone-awry, you've been marked.  Change out of pj's.  Throw dirty items down the laundry chute. 

8:15am  Nurse C.  Put her up on your shoulder for a burp and promptly get a spit-up shower.   Consider going without clothes to save effort.  Realize that your husband's thermostat fanaticism prevents that.  Too cold.  Throw dirty clothes down the chute.  Again.  

8:23am Breakfast.  Cringe as toddler decides to drink milk from the bowl and spills it down the front of her and into her lap.  Meander into her room for a change of clothes.  Toss first outfit down the steps to the basement.

9:50am  Change C's diaper again.  Cloth diaper.  Dirty one down the chute.  Thankfully no poo.

10:00am C's down for a nap, so begin to do breakfast dishes.  Jump when Bean drops large book onto kitchen floor.  Splash dirty water on shirt.  Briefly consider letting it air dry.  Change mind when you realize little pieces of cereal are sticking to your shirt.  Change.  Again. 

11:15am  C's up from nap.  Dirty diaper down the chute.  Repeat diaper changes approximately 8 times more today. 

12:00pm  Lunch for Bean.  She manages to keep herself clean.  Cheer silently.  Then sob as you realize she grabbed your sleeve with jelly covered hands.

1:00pm  Bean down for a nap.  She can't make laundry while she's asleep.  Quietly say prayers of thanks.

2:00pm  C down for a nap.  Attempt to do laundry.  Get sidetracked by the possibility of a shower.  Change clothes.  Again.

5:00pm  Shaun's home.  Goes to cut the lawn.  Changes to work clothes.

5:30pm  C's cereal dinner.  Grin as she paints her clothes with it.  Not getting a change this time, kiddo.

6:30pm  Shaun changes from dirty work clothes to pj's. 

7:00pm  C to bed.  Toss her cereal covered garments down the chute. 

8:00pm  Bean to bed.  Glance over clothes to see if they could be salvaged for the next day.  Spot jelly stains, marker streaks, and dirt.  Wonder how the kid ended up with dirt when we were inside all day.  Resignedly throw clothes down chute. 

8:02pm  Change into PJ pants.  Head down to the laundry room to survey the damage.  Pile threatens to eat me, so I run away. 

Wash, rinse, repeat. 

I don't wonder anymore. 


  1. we just eat naked around here, saves a load or two...great blog Jen=Love ya Jan

  2. And THAT, my friend, is why we don't do cloth diapers around here. Six loads of laundry a day is quite enough for me thankyouverymuch.

  3. hey - at least you have a laundry chute! some people around here just leave it in piles on the floor!

  4. You would hate me if I told you how much laundry I do per week...Ella is strangely neat and Chris has stopped working out or wearing dress-up work clothes so I really luck out...I'll take tips from your experience though for when more kids come or my husband actually has to get dressed to go to work!

  5. 1. you have a laundry chute? you are so cool.
    2. you use cloth diapers?? you are awesome.

    That is all!

  6. WOW, Cloth diapers! They still make those things? I'm impressed Jen. I bought 4 dozen when Anthony was born and put one on him one time. They made great dust rags through the years. Huggies were the way to go. ~julie

  7. I stumbled across your blog because a diaper review and now you have me giggling. :) Thanks.

    ps I totally understand the laundry thing an can add two geriatric cats to the mix.


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