Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm Not Ready, I'm Not Ready!

Oh man, I'm in trouble.

This morning, I went into the kitchen to put some cups in the dishwasher.  Bean was playing with her Polly Pockets in the corner.  (I rue the day those tiny things were invented...  best review ever, right here).  C was happily playing on her blanket with a few toys.

When I came back, less than 3 minutes later, this is what I saw:

The pink thing is C (looking like a doll).  The white thing is the blanket that she was playing on before I left the room.  I had to quickly take the picture with my camera phone for fear she'd be down the block before I found the regular camera.

(Or she'd be eating Polly Pocket shoes like it was her job).

Bean didn't crawl until 10.5 months.  I don't think Bean did a whole lot of moving at all before then.  C is like, what, 2 days over 5 months?

I give her a month before she starts training for the Boston Marathon. 


  1. Is that really C, or is it a "reenactment"? Because it really does look like a doll!

  2. Okay - C does look like a doll in this picture. Seriously.

    I have always heard that subsequent children are faster to move - even if only because they have to keep up with the older ones!!

  3. Wow...I was thinking from the picture you would say that C was no where in sight! She really does look like a doll!!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. That Polly review was hysterical.

  6. Hope was crawling right at 6 months - you're in for a treat!


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