Monday, October 27, 2008


The other day, the girls were happily playing on the living room floor, and I was on the couch sorting through some school papers.  Bean had a farm set across the room and C was rolling around at my feet. 

A few minutes passed and I noticed that the room got very silent except for a strange squawking sound.  I glanced up to see that Bean had completely pulled a very confused C into her lap. 

"Bean, what on earth are you doing?"  I cautiously walked over and sat down to assist if I happened to need to catch the little one. 

"Mommy!  I want to hold C in my lap!  You should take a picture.  We are cute!" 

That cracked me up.  I managed to get the two of them off the floor and into a chair.  The following pictures were the result of the impromptu sister photo session:

That's a lot of love, there.  A little tough love, if you ask me and C.
But C wasn't complaining too much and Bean was being ridiculously cute, so I let the mauling picture session continue...
Bean decided to try her Daddy's patented "Tickle Poke" to see if she could get C to laugh...

C was not amused.  

But C loves her sister.  And she'll love having photographic evidence of the torture she endured when she was a baby at the hands of her older sister.  Hey, the youngest needs something in her pocket!


  1. Way too cute especially the one of C by herself! That face is just priceless!

  2. They look more and more alike every day.

    SO CUTE!!

  3. I know I tell you every time I see you, but your kids are absolutely the most adorable people in the world!

  4. Your girls are simply adorable!! I loved the video you sent me of Bean yesterday! I can't wait to you see all 3 of you tomorrow! :)

  5. OH Jen, I need a copy of that top picture! I need to update some photos on my mantel. They are too precious!


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