Monday, October 6, 2008

First Fight?

Aside from occasionally wishing that I would pay more attention to her and less to C, Bean has always been a fan of her baby sister. 

But the winds of change are a blowin'

C is only getting better with her rolling techniques and now can aim for something and actually get there.  I'll see her flip to her belly, pop her head up and catch something in her sights and within 30 seconds, she's usually arrived at her intended destination. 

Two days ago, I put C on her blanket in the living room and surrounded her with toys. 

Bean was across the room singing the alphabet song and doing a letter puzzle.

(You can see where this is going, no?)

I was in the kitchen for all of 15 seconds when I suddenly heard Bean squeal,

"Eeeeeaaaah!!!   C!  We do NOT lay on our puzzles!"

There was silence for a second, then,


I was hiding in the kitchen trying SO hard not to laugh at that point and then,

"MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMY!!  Make her get off my puzzle!  C!  GET OFF GET OFF!"

I had to come around the corner for fear that Bean, normally quite the pacifist, would suddenly become violent. 

When I entered the room, Bean had both hands on C's body, ready to shove her away.

C lay across the puzzle board and somehow managed to cover most of the pieces to boot. 

And she was grinning from ear to ear. 

The more Bean yelled, the bigger C's grin got.   

I swear, she already KNOWS how to push her sister's buttons. 

I think things are about to get interesting around here. 


  1. I'm sorry, but that was a laugh out loud post. Maybe it's because I hear the same scenario day after day. Especially the, "Get off, GET OFF!!!" or "GO AWAY MORGAN!!!" words stream out of Z's mouth. Hilarious at times? Yes. Frustrating? Definitely! Wish I had a video camera rolling? Constantly!

    Here's wishing you much luck and laughter as your girls start acting more like siblings and sisters! Wait until they want the other's hair tie or scarf or something!

  2. Kudos to Bean for trying to use reason first! Luke will yell something, but then pushes her away only seconds later. Usually it has to do with her trying to suck on one of his trucks (the big ones).

  3. Good for Bean for using words first. I usually just hear the smack and then the scream.

  4. As an older sibling I can promise that C will figure out the buttons... and push them HARD.

  5. This is toooo cute. I am laughing so hard because it has only just begun. You have seen T's grin when he pushes his siblings buttons.

  6. i love reading your posts, you are a great writer and you always make me laugh!


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