Monday, October 27, 2008

That's One Way to Do It...

When Bean and I picked my sister up for the weekend at my parents' house, they gave us some apples that my grandparents had gotten from a local apple festival.

Bean got wind of the fact that we had a pile of apples in a box in the front seat and immediately began chirping about wanting to eat one.

We told her no since they hadn't been washed and offered to let her hold one until we got back to the house to wash it.

Happily, she agreed and sat in silence for awhile with her apple wrapped up in her blanket.  (What can I say, she mothers EVERYTHING!)

Then, we heard her giggle and call out from the back again,

"If I lick the apple, that will wash it!"

And then?  Amanda and I both turned around to see her licking the apple from the bottom to the stem.  

Well...  could have been worse.  At least it wasn't the soles of her feet.  :)


  1. Abby licked a sweet potato at the Farmer's Market over the weekend. :o)

  2. OOOOOHH, sweet Bean. She thinks of everything.

  3. What a smart little girl! hahaha


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