Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Travel Thoughts

Blogging from my phone in the midst of Denver's airport.. not as complicated as I imagined. Which means my blog is even more accessible than before. Dangerous.

So far, my thoughts:

1. Either people here are very friendly or my I have spinach in my teeth. Everyone smiles at you. I LOVE it! (unless I have spinach in my teeth and no one is telling me... then I might reconsider).

2. A few minutes ago, airport authority paged M.C. Hammer because he hadn't checked in at the gate. Apparently, keeping "hammer time" makes you late for your flight.

3. Not telling me that we have a 3 hour layover with two hungry, tired kids is probably wise if you want me to sleep the night before.

4. Colorado mountains are breathtaking. Even through a fingerprint stained airport window.

5. People will not only buy overpriced airport fast food, they will growl at anyone who gets in their way. Travel induced hunger is a force to be reckoned with.

6. I really hate peanuts.

ok, off to find some semblance of substantial grub.

next stop, Amarillo!
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