Saturday, August 2, 2008

Why She Might Be in Diapers Until 30

A few weeks ago, we ventured into potty training territory. Bean did pretty well, surprisingly enough. Actually, it shouldn't have surprised me that much... she's been ready for awhile. However, somehow, she decided that diapers were by far the superior attire and absolutely refused to use the potty. To the point that she stayed dry all night and then would NOT pee until she had a diaper on.

Oh, you should have seen her dance that morning. (And no, I wasn't being mean... I had no idea that it suddenly became an absolute abomination to use the potty).

Anyway, when we figured it out, we decided that we'd take a break from potty training for awhile. (And yes, it was more for my sanity than anything).

However, I guess my brain decided that it hated changing diapers FAR more than it hated dealing with potty training and I decided that today was the day to return. So this morning I went to the teacher store and got a brightly colored chart in the shape of a star. Then I bought stars with numbers on them. I told Bean that for every time she successfully used the potty, we'd add a star. After we reached 15 or so, we'd do something fun, like mini-golf. (Mainly because by then, I will know that she can do it).

Post-nap, we started. She was SUPER excited and brought out her Curious George underoos right after her nap. She told me that she had to potty and off we went. Earning her first star? No problem.

So then I asked if she had to go before I sat down to feed C.


Ok, then.

You know when you watch horror movies and you start shouting at the screen when the girl runs up the stairs to get away from the serial killer? Because who would run up the stairs? Run outside, silly!

Right, so I'm imagining that you're thinking something similar here. "Don't let her just sit there... make her go potty!"

Yeah, I didn't really hear you. I let her play.

In the middle of the feeding, I hear, "MOMMY!! MOMMY!!!!! I have to go POTTY!"

Ack! When you're just learning, you gotta go and you gotta go NOW.

So I detached C, and RIGHT as I was getting Bean ushered into the bathroom, C decides it's a good time for her to go too.

But she's got a diaper, right? No problem.


The diaper apparently forgot its intended function and thus, she went ALL OVER ME.

It was at this time that Bean, happily hoisted on the potty, decided that she didn't have to go after all. (I know, right?)

So she got down off the potty by way of hanging all over my poo covered arm.

At this point, there are three of us in our tiny bathroom. Three of us. Covered in poo.

It was not my finest parenting hour.

But despite the event, I think we're trucking on. I mean, how much worse can it get?

Wait... don't answer that.


  1. Very similar journey over here...totally dry underwear for half the day yesterday then she peed on two pairs of Dora underwear by noon today. Eventually it'll happen I guess...

  2. this is why i'm not even attempting to potty train. i figure that one day she'll say, hey mom, i think i can wear underoos now. and then she just will.

    at least that's what i'm hoping for. there's just too much right now for me to try to train her.

  3. One day it's four times on the potty, the next day it's four pairs of wet underpants. I've been firmly told, "I like my diapers, Mommy. I don't want underpants."

    So, that's that I guess.

  4. Hahahahahahaha oh my gosh, I'm laughing WITH you Jen...

    So funny.

  5. Potty training is fun..huh? Hannah seems ready. but doesn't really want to do it. What do you do with that. I guess she really isn't ready.


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