Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How I Became a Monkey

Each anniversary, Shaun and I trade the responsibility of planning what we'll do to celebrate.  By far, Shaun is more creative and more inventive as to what we tend to do. 

This year?  This year I win.  Because this year, we did this:

Yup, that's Shaun up there.  No, not in the pink pants. 
We went to trapeze school.  We learned to fly like circus monkeys.  And we loved it.  Here's my graceful flight to fame:
I think we might have a future as a circus troupe.  Wouldn't you say?
That's my family in the rest of the pictures.  They came along and flew with us.  It was amazing...  if given the opportunity?  Take it.  As they say, "Forget Fear, Worry About the Addiction"  Word.


  1. SO awesome! Very jealous! I'm glad you had a blast! I may have to convince someone to go with me some time....Oh yeah, Happy Anniversary! :-)

  2. where and how did you do that? I want to!! You guys look awesome :) Miss you. Love you.

  3. You two are amazing! Happy Anniversary!! And keep flying!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Umm... I read this to my wife and we both think it sounds like a wonderful day! We won't do it, but it sounds wonderful for others!

    Glad you had a blast!


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