Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hot Gossip in Toddlerland

I have a confession to make.

I have a somewhat secret obsession with the personal life of a certain handsome cartoon character with a skilled hand, a soft voice and a heart of gold.

And I'm not alone.

Handy Manny?  I just want you to be happy with the woman you so obviously love.

Disney's Handy Manny is a local fix-it man, similar to (but so much better than) Bob the Builder.  He always has to run to the hardware store for supplies.  The hardware store is managed by a woman named Kelly.  She always has everything.

Manny has the hots for her.  It's soooo obvious.  The slow flush that creeps up his face when she touches his hand, the fact that he probably already has materials in his truck yet he goes to get stuff from her anyway.

Anyway, I can't even begin to count how many conversations I've had with my friends over the obvious attraction that Manny has for Kelly and the equally obvious love she has for him.

(Yes, we know this is a cartoon...  we have toddlers, this is as edgy as it gets most days).

So the other day, Amy and I had this conversation:

Amy:  WHO THE HECK IS CARAMELLA?  She went to school with Manny, called him handsome, and took him up to her studio!

Me:  WHAT!??!  What about Kelly?

Amy:  Manny stayed behind to clean up the studio while SHE went to the hardware store for supplies.

Me:  OUCH!  Poor Kelly.  :(  Right in her face, too.

Amy:  Yup.  Hopefully she's just a one-episode old flame.

Me:  But the damage to Manny and Kelly's relationship might be long-term.

Amy:  Wait!  Kelly just saved the day (again) and Manny invited her to the art show.  She was super nice to the new little hussy.

Me:  Kelly's above all of that.  That's why she's who Manny will return to when he's seen the error of following said hussy's wanton ways.

All I'm saying is that Manny and Kelly are meant to be.  MEANT TO BE, PEOPLE!


That is all.


  1. I hope to avoid this phase of toddlerhood, but believe that deep down it's inevitable.

    (Especially since even before we had one of our own we were taking other people's kids to meet Bob the Builder!)

  2. REAL friends are the ones who don't think anything at all when the first text message of the day says, "WHO THE HECK IS CARMELLA?!?!"

  3. This totally made me laugh outloud A LOT. Having been in on many Manny & Kelly conversations, but not having seen the show in months, I felt my jaw drop when I read about Carmella just now. I felt anger towards Manny and immediately defensive of Kelly. They really should be together. As much as is possible in a cartoon for 2year olds. Thanks for filling me in on the latest in their romance. Still reeling over the audacity of Carmella. Wow...I'm really sucked into this...maybe it's good Ella's not into Manny anymore and I'm too proud to sneakily watch it by myself. (that means I'm counting on you for updates!)

  4. Way too funny!! I was also wondering where Carmella came from and hoping she would go ;-) What a sad bunch we are! LOL

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This is better than the Brenda/Dylan/Kelly saga...

  7. Okay, you guys definitely need to schedule some adult playdates!! :)

  8. OH I love Handy Manny and am just getting into it, I'll keep my eye out for Carmella, how dare she come in between Manny and Kelly! Cutter seems to enjoy him just as much as I do. Thats the way it is supposed to be, right?

  9. Yeah I'm pretty sure they're sleeping together.

    My wife thinks I'm nuts though.


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