Saturday, August 9, 2008

Potty Training Success?

I think we're finally amongst the potty trained.  (Well, I have been for awhile... but Bean's now joining the ranks).

She's had several days with no accidents and increased awareness of when she has to go.

But I've noticed something peculiar. 

She's able to hold her pee for longer than I can. 

Today, for whatever reason, she refused to pee from 2pm-6:30pm. 

Part of this is because of some strange aversion to the potty that developed from before her nap. 

Anyway, we're done diapers, so I figured she'd go in the potty or she'd go in her pants. 

At 6:32pm, for the first time in 3 days, she went in her pants. 

On the floor. 

I sent her to the bathroom with instructions to take off her peed-in pants and to sit on the potty until I got in there. 

Now, when I got in there, she did none of the above.  Which made me mad.

But what made me madder?  Apparently, she still had to pee.

And so..

She did.

ON MY HAIRBRUSH.  (No, it wasn't on the floor.  She put in there). 

(Oh the things that are funny in hindsight that aren't funny at the time)

Anyway, when I peeled myself off of the ceiling, we had a LONG talk about appropriate places to pee and I think we're well back on our merry way. 

I'm pretty proud of the kid.  I'd like to take credit, but I didn't have much to do with it.

Now, so long as she doesn't pee on any more of my hair stuff, we're good to go. 


  1. Okay, that is absolutely disgusting and hilarious! I am so sorry! Did you bleach your brush? ;)

    So, what type of training techniques did you use? Still working on it with Zachariah. He loves his potty when HE loves it. Not always when I want him to love it. Oh well! At this rate, Morgan will be trained before him!

    I love the pics of your scenery, can you send me your new address? I think I misplaced it. Any other pics of your house?

    Miss and love you!
    Chrissy :)

  2. Okay, that's hillarious. I'm sure it was frustrating, but that's a story you can tell at any occasion and get a laugh.

    Note to self: hide everything but the essentials when it comes time for potty training!


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