Friday, August 8, 2008

A Whole New Brand of Kitchen Appliances

Bean has an imaginary friend.

It started a week or so ago when she'd start mentioning this friend by name as if they were around the house or in the car. Because she generally has a habit of imagining things and talking about them, I didn't think anything of it.

But she kept mentioning this one particular person (?)

Her name? Grandma Toaster.

I kid you not.

After a brief interview about Grandma Toaster, it has been revealed that Bean met her outside while playing in her wagon. Grandma Toaster is nice and while she is good friends with Bean, she's not Bean's best friend. (That is currently Daddy. C is still her favorite friend. I am currently none of the above... ) She doesn't eat noodles, but likes peas and beans. Sometimes, Grandma Toaster likes to take baths.

And Grandma Toaster doesn't live here but has her own house.

It's a darn good thing because Grandma Toaster?

Grandma Toaster's a dragon.

That's my girl.


  1. Haha! When she was talking about GT today it was as though she was really there, not like Bean was telling us a joke. Crazy.

  2. Jen, Lauren had an imaginary friend named "nice to meet you" who joined us for most family get togethers. We haven't heard much about her lately, but when we ask Lauren she remembers talking about her but she's not sure where she is now. And, Sawyer too, had a friend named Carnal. One day I picked Sawyer up and asked why if I got him I didn't get Carnal too, and he said, "You did Joisy. He's right there in that pretend seatbelt"! I just said, "OH"....Aren't kids great?

  3. I sell kitchen appliances, I'd like to know where to get hold of the Grandma Toasters!?

  4. Spencer had an imaginary friend for a while. Her name was Hynena. Basically Hynena was allowed to do anything and everything Spencer wasn't. He doesn't remember her now at all...but we definitely do! :)


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