Friday, August 29, 2008

C-Rex: 4 Months

Dear Little C-Monkey,

I stumbled on that little gem of a nickname one day. It made me giggle. Punny. I'm sure that it'll make you want to crawl under something big when you're a teenager. Fear not, this'll probably be the only time I use it. In public. At least until I figure something else out.

But embarrassing aside, it's starting to be a bit true. You like to arch your back until you're almost rolled over, then you pop your fingers in your mouth and fall fast asleep. It looks like the most uncomfortable position for sleep that I can imagine. Ok, not quite that bad, but still.

Those fingers of yours. There was a time when I feared that perhaps you weren't going to be a self-soother after all. You'd shun the power of having your fingers at your disposal for the easily displaced pacifier. And then you'd inevitably pull it out of your own mouth, resulting in much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

But you seem to be catching onto the fingers again. Thank goodness.

You're also starting to slowly settle into a comfortable routine. The eat-wake-sleep rhythm that I worked so stinkin' hard to get Bean into when she was a newborn has come naturally to you. It didn't always, but that was OK, especially since it is now. Makes for much saner days.

You're incredibly affectionate and snuggly. Up until a few days ago, you'd happily let me rock you and your blanket to sleep in my arms. But recently, you fuss until I lay you down and then you sort it out on your own. Hey, ok, whatever works, baby girl.

You are a bit more serious than your sister and much more selective with your grins. But when you grin? Watch out. It's your whole face thrown into a happy place. We can't help but grin back when we see it. There's no halfway.

We battled thrush for most of this month but thanks to good drugs and a rigorous sanitizing routine, I think we're finally past it. I think. Never say die when it comes to resistant yeast bugs.

You're fully enamored with your sister now and she pretty much can do anything and get a smile from you.  It's pretty cute.

You're starting to babble and make noises, particularly when you're playing or excited.  You have to keep up with your sister, right?  Oh, ok... and Mommy too.

You're growing like a weed.  A big, round, chunky, delicious weed that I can't help but nibble.

Just the way I like you.

Love love love,


P.S.  At 14 lbs, 8 oz and 25 inches long with a 90th % head size, you're making me look good :)  keep it up.  


  1. sooo cute! I can't wait to snuggle with her on our fish weekend :)

  2. She's getting so big! Oh my gosh! So cute!

  3. What an adorable little girl! You and Shaun sure do make pretty babies. :) Oh, and I promise you, you'll use PLENTY of embarrassing nicknames on both girls at the appropriate (inappropriate?) moments when they are teenagers. It's just what we parents do for fun.

  4. Oh, she is just adorable and I want to eat her cheeks! Yum! She could just make someone melt with those eyes!


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