Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WFMW: Cradle Cap Solution

  Oh, how I love babies.  I love most things about them, (aside from their uncanny ability to wake me just as I fall asleep).  My particular favorite?  Their peaches-and-cream skin.  There's nothing like a perfectly smooth baby cheek to nuzzle. 

Unfortunately, what few people tell you before you have your baby, is that when your delicious baby is a newborn?  Their skin pretty much resembles that of an adolescent boy.  Not so pretty.

First, we battled the worst case of baby acne I'd ever seen.  More recently, I noticed a particularly wicked case of cradle cap cropping up on my wee one's scalp.

Vowing to fight back, I slathered her head with baby oil and let her play for about a half an hour before her bath.  When I got her in the tub, I gently scrubbed her head with a washcloth and some baby shampoo. 

Once she got out?  Not only did she smell fabulous, but the cradle cap was practically gone.  Tougher cases require another application or two, but this should be a quick and painless solution.

Oh, a quick application of baby oil also works REALLY well for those behind the ear crusties that inevitably form on your babies AND your toddlers. 

And that, my friends, works for me.

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  1. Well written, my friend. Well written.

  2. Thanks for this information. I am due in 5 weeks and will keep this in mind if we have issues with this!!

  3. Awesome tip! Those behind the ear crusties are driving me nuts. lol!


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