Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yesterday, we got some pink, strawberry milk from the farm for our pink-obsessed first born.

Having been delighted by the wonderful glass of chocolate milk I had earlier, I decided to try a glass of the pink milk.

And it was good.  And an immediate throwback to childhood.

But after a few moments, I realized why.

It tastes EXACTLY like the pink medicine we used to be prescribed for ear infections.

Now there's a taste I never thought I'd need to relive.  


  1. well, that doesn't sound good at all!!

    i once got in trouble for blowing bubbles in my strawberry milk! R still likes it, but it's not my favorite.

  2. We used to mix the strawberry with the chocolate! That was the best. I tried the "pink" recently, but it didn't do anything for me. It might be that since I got married I've had to cut down to 2% milk. It's just not the same...

  3. Never been a pink milk fan. I'm a chocolate girl all the way :)

  4. I knew Lexi and I had some connection! Pink pink pink!!


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