Thursday, August 28, 2008


I said to Shaun yesterday, "Oh, I don't mind taking C somewhere else to fall asleep, even if we have to get her up and put her in the car to bring her home to put to bed here because she's not sleeping through the night yet. So really, what does it matter?"

So we made plans to do that tonight. 

And what did the little stinker do last night?

That's right, slept right through for a full 12 hours. 

I'm telling you, she KNOWS.


  1. Ooh! Put that pic on your sidebar above Bean! Its SUCH a good pic!!!

  2. It's a bit scary how they can anticipate and know things. Very. Scary.

  3. You might (I always add this word because that's how it is with ANY advice/ideas with kids) want to give it a try anyway. We've been doing that with Julie for our bible study. I use to just feed her when we got home, like a middle of the night feeding. Now she'll just go back to sleep without it. And if she doesn't? I feed her. :)

    Just watch, next week will be a nightmare :)

    Congrats on the full night of sleep!

  4. Congrats on the 12 hours. With Ash that was just a passing phase ;-) But she was always easy to get back to bed when we got home at whatever hour (we did a lot of 1 and 2 AM poker nights when she was a baby). It may work! Good Luck!

  5. What a great pic!! Is it me or is Bean you and C Shaun???


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