Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Amy!

Today is the birthday of one of my nearest and dearest friends.  She makes me laugh when I'm sad.  Heck, she makes me laugh all the time.  She's encouraging, creative and kind.  She loves people with abandon.  She's devoted to her friends and family.  She's always looking for ways to help others out.  She's a terrific mom.  She's a wonderful friend.  She likes to do nice things for people on the sly.  She is a fantastic cook, (and she feeds me frequently, and really, you can't beat that).  She is a gracious hostess and always willing to be hospitable.  She makes me a better person and I'm extraordinarily blessed to call her my friend.

Happy Birthday, Amy!  I love you!

(So, so sorry this didn't go out this morning.  I'm a space cadet.  Then again, you know that and love me anyway).

1 comment:

  1. Awwww, you're the BEST!!! I can't stop grinning.

    Thank you Friend! I love you!!!


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