Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mooo! MOOOO!

Yesterday we went a little cow-crazy and took a day trip to South Mountain Creamery, a working dairy farm where you can see the cows being milked, tour the farm, see the baby cows, feed the baby cows, and buy ridiculous amounts of dairy products. 

Come on... copious amounts of cows and delicious dairy products in one place?  I'm so there.

Anyway, we came, saw a cow or three, and immediately got ice cream.  Priorities, people. 

Then we went to see the baby cows.  Bean got a HUGE kick out of the fact that the calves (are they calves like our legs?  or calfs?  Neither look right.  But I digress...) started mooing like crazy things as soon as we got close. C was just delighted to be there and awake.

They were housed in one long  barn with cows on both sides.  Bean had a good time dancing around and getting close enough for them to start to sniff her and then she'd run away.

Shaun and I were much more daring. 

Who knew that cow tongues were so stinkin' limber?  Not me.

Limber enough for one cow to try to take a chomp out of my shirt.  Apparently, he got confused and thought he was a goat. 

We laughed a lot at the silly cows.  And ourselves.  Because really, they were only so funny because we kept doing ridiculous things like, you know, standing near enough for them to lick us or give us the crazy eye.  

After a bit, the farmhands finally arrived with the bottles to feed the spastic, hungry cows.  They were insane when the milk came in, mooing and shoving and lowing.  C doesn't do all of that, but when she latched onto my cheek tonight in a fit of hunger, I definitely thought of the calves (calfs?) and saw the similarities.  Hungry is HUNGRY.   
Bean did a great job feeding her baby cow. I was really impressed since the bottles are pretty much bigger than she is.  And again, those cows?  When they're hungry?  INSANE.
One sucked the top right off a bottle.  Yeah, don't get near that mouth when she's eating.
Anyway, we had a really nice time there.  In need of a good laugh?  Go get licked by a cow.  So worth it. 


  1. did that cow get her tongue IN your EAR? that's what it looks like from here.

    how do you find these great places!! i never seem to find places like that around here. :(


  2. We took Abby a couple of months back to a place like this out near the beach. She loved the cows...from a distance. When we got close and she saw the size of one standing up, she was ready to eat ice cream and leave the animals alone!

  3. A calf (plural calves) is the young of various species of mammal.


  4. How DO you find these places? I so want to go there! I love animals and Chris and Ella love Ice Cream so it's the perfect outing :-)

  5. Why can't Columbia have a place like that? We have eighteen thousand restaurants. They could tear down a couple and build us a dairy farm.

  6. Your family gets to have all the fun. You and Shaun take the kids to do such fun stuff. We don't get to have that kind of fun in Amarillo.

    Bean is getting so big, starting to lose the toddler look and C's looks are really changing.


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