Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Peach Picking

A week or so ago, the four of us were without a thing to do on a Wednesday morning. So when we got a text invite to go peach picking, we jumped at the chance. Last year was so much fun and the peaches were DELICIOUS.

This year promised to be the same.

And it was, except, what I didn't realize is that when you take a guy to something like that, they're on a mission. They want to get the fruit, put it in the box, pay for it all, and get out. Last year I think we were there for like 2.5 hours. This year? Shaun had the peaches picked in 25 minutes.

Right as Shaun was chomping at the bit to pick some blackberries and get home to eat stuff, C fell asleep in the stroller. So I offered to walk to the blackberry patch while Shaun and Bean drove.

Halfway there, this big ole hound dog came right out in my path and let out a series of low, growly barks. He obviously belonged to the people in the house right on the road and he was wagging his tail like a maniac, but I wasn't chancing it. So we sat on the side of the road waiting for Shaun and Bean to finish with the blackberries. No pictures of that, but I was tempted.

That was the extent of our drama. Bean and Shaun soon arrived and we headed home. Shaun immediately whipped up a peach blackberry cobbler that was DELICIOUS. When that was gone (the next day), he found a recipe for peach bread. It was quite good! Surprisingly too, since he ran out of sugar and forgot the vanilla... but that's ok. It tasted good. No pictures of that either.

I do have pictures of one of the cutest duos out there:



  1. mmmmmmmmmmmm...peaches. i love peaches.

    "moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches!"

    looks like fun! i still haven't found any places like that around here!! what's wrong with me?!


  2. You have the best day trips and your photos are awesome! Is there a link to the peach bread? Our farmers market peaches are right at their peak and I was tempted to buy a case!

  3. I can't believe we missed out on peach picking two years in a row! GRRR for double booked mornings.

  4. Wow you have a beautiful and adventurous daughter. Keep up her love for the outdoors.


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