Thursday, July 31, 2008

C-Rex - 3 Months

Dear Sweet C,

In three short months, you've gone from a deliciously gooey ball of baby to a squealing, grinning, squeezable little person.

Some days I can't quite get over the fact that you've been here that long. I still occasionally walk through certain spaces giving furniture a wide berth to avoid hitting my phantom stomach. And then I see you on your playmat, frantically kicking your chubby little legs and grinning at the toys suspended above you.

And I smile, because that pretty much explains the essence of you. You're a wonderfully contented baby these days. This is in stark contrast to most of last month where you wanted to be held and snuggled constantly. And as much as I loved perpetually breathing in the blissful scent of your baby-ness, my arms and my back were tired. And I started to worry about maintaining friendships when it was rather difficult to detach you long enough to shower.

(Note: good friends are those who stick by you when you're sleep deprived and snarky. Great friends are those who stick around when you smell like week old laundry. Keep that in mind).

But this month you've settled into a glorious routine of napping and waking that is actually somewhat predictable. And while you still love being snuggled to sleep, there are some times when your whole being just screams, "PUT. ME. DOWN." and when we do, you drop to sleep in seconds, your whole body going limp in relief.

You're starting to reject the pacifier for your two middle fingers. I can't even begin to explain how cute I find this. Not to mention, it's glorious to be able to listen to you let out a squeak or two in the middle of your nap only to hear you quiet as you find your fingers. When you're a teenager and I'm making some comment about how much I do around here, remind me how you managed to not make me get up eleventeen times a night to replace a pacifier.

Actually, last night, you went to bed around 8:30pm and I dragged myself out of bed around 2am, when I heard you start to fuss. I thought we'd have our regularly scheduled nursing session followed by a few hours of cruddy sleep until morning.

But every time I went into your room, you had your fingers in your mouth and had quieted down. So I let you be and went back to sleep. Until 6:15am. And even then you were ready to head back to sleep on your own, but I woke you to eat anyway. It was awesome.

I'd be willing to hope for a repeat tonight, but I had to treat you with gentian violet again for thrush that won't quit and I think it makes you extremely reluctant to suck your fingers. Frankly, I don't blame you. Anything that makes you look like a candidate for the X-Men clan can't taste all that good. Just try to sleep tonight, ok?

You're quite the happy little bug and I'm thoroughly happy to be the one in charge of helping you grow.

So keep it up! (Especially on the sleeping end of things, ok?)

Love always,



  1. Is that your sister?!?! miss you! call me so i can come visit! ~love McK~

  2. sweet little bug! i can't believe how much she's grown.

    she's looking more like lex too!


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