Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh The Cuteness...

The four of us were in the car today driving home from a dinner date. Bean wasn't particularly well-behaved and was generally being a weird mixture of contrary and silly. We pulled up to get a movie at the store and Shaun ran in. Disgruntled at not being able to go into the store with Daddy, Bean pouted a little. When Shaun was coming back out, I said,

"Look! There's Daddy!!!"

She peered out the window and said, "NO! I don't want Daddy to come in the car! He's NOT my favorite friend!"

Shaun gets in the car and hears what she said and asks, "But, Bean... if I'm not your favorite friend... who is?"

Without missing a beat, she grins and says, "C-REX!"

Sweet, eh?

If there's one thing I want more than anything for my girls it's that they always are each other's favorite friends. Here's to hoping!

(By the way, Daddy was much appeased with that answer, even if he is temporarily ousted from favorite friend status)

1 comment:

  1. Isn't it fun to think about them having a great time with their new sisters?
    (the dreams only include hugs and kisses - no shoving or hitting)

    I update my rss... glad you found us too :)


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