Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Year Ago

It was over a year ago that we took Miss Beanie Bean to San Diego for an awesome vacation complete with me being able to touch a REAL. LIVE. DOLPHIN. 

My brain almost exploded at that time.  It still makes me giggle with glee to think about that trip. 

Anyway, I happened to be looking through some old picture files and found this one: 

She's holding an orange, freshly picked from an orange tree in the backyard of our gracious hosts.  I was just getting used to my new camera at the time, hoping to get good enough to take some pretty shots of the baby due about four months later. 

Bean was entering into that delightful stage of curiosity and glee over everything. 

It was one of, if not the best vaction I've ever taken.  I remember stressing a bit about the new baby's arrival, wondering how I'd manage, how I'd love both of them equally. 

I was pregnant enough to show a smidge, but not enough to be completely uncomfortable. 

I wasn't sure life could get better.

It did. 

And I know that next year with our new little family member, I'll look back on the pictures from this month and think the same thing. 

And that?  That's awesome. 


  1. It is awesome! And life will keep getting better and better. Love you- Jan

  2. You were in CA a year ago and I am just hearing about it now??

  3. Aww Jen. Yay. I love you guys. And I really love this post, you're a beautiful writer. You're going to be so glad you captured these thoughts later.

  4. We're taking my 3 year old to Sea World in April. Im so excited to watch his face.

    this is a great post.

  5. To Kevin:
    Nope you heard about it a year ago however you were quite busy opening a church the week we were there so your forgetfulness makes quite a bit of sense.



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