Friday, January 9, 2009

TJ Maxx and Marshalls - My Kind of Shopping

I'm a bargain hunter.  I thrill at getting the best deal possible for something.  A good day in my book is when I can come careening into the house after a grocery trip and frantically wave my receipt at Shaun while shouting, "LOOK HOW MUCH I SAVED!"

So it's no surprise that I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  So when given the opportunity to go shopping and talk about my experience, I jumped!  Both Marshalls and TJ Maxx are what I would categorize as a discount department store.  You can find the same goods that you would find in your local Macy's or Sears or Hechts (do they still have those?).  But due to overstocks, unusual selling patterns, and quick cycling merchandise, these two stores are able to offer name brand products at a fraction of the price. 

I danced happily into Marshalls before Christmas to do some last minute gift purchasing.  Shaun and I split at the door and I headed immediately into the toy section.  Marshalls always has great toys for way cheaper than other stores.  I'm a huge fan of wooden toys, both to gift and buy for our family, and these are never in short supply.  I bought a little friend a cute pet care set that was regularly $24.00 elsewhere.  I paid $12.00.  50% off is nothing to sneeze at, for sure.

Shaun came over with three boxes of snow boots in Bean's size and one lone ADORABLE boot that he was unable to find a match for in the entire store.  That marked the one disappointment that I had that night and have had a bit in the past... because the stores are generally busy and chock full of bargains, the stock is sometimes disorganized and tough to sift through.  However, a bit of digging generally remedies the situation. 

We walked out of there that night with a pair of snowboots for Bean, three toys for other kids, and a book.  For about $25.00.  Not too shabby.

TJ Maxx is very similar to Marshalls, though our local one is considerably bigger and focuses more on clothing than toys and homegoods.  It's the go to place for socks and underoos.  No doubt.  I also found several sweet dresses and outfits for the girls that make me happy.  I do feel that to a degree, you get what you pay for as far as brand names.  The nice part at TJ Maxx is that I can get my brand name clothing at a considerable discount. 

Both stores have recently upgraded their checkout system, putting to end a system of misery that used to exist.  The people are friendly (so long as you're friendly to them), and the merchandise is plentiful.  If you're looking for quality products at great prices, give these places a try before venturing to a real department store.

Keep most of your money where it belongs.  In your pocket.  :)


  1. soooooooooooo agreed! I love love love marshalls! They are one of my go tos for buying nice boy clothes. I can get name brand like Ecko, Fubu, Sean John, and Mecca for really great prices. Sometimes it can be hard to sift through it all but it is sooooooo worth it when you find that prize piece. They also have great name brand stuff for me as well and the bigger sizes for my hubby who as a hard time finding bigger sizes else where.

  2. I hope you get to use those snow boots!
    (I hope we get to use ours too.)


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