Friday, January 9, 2009

No One Will Ever Claim She Lacks Personality

The other night, Shaun and Bean went out on the back deck to check out a gorgeous sky full of stars.  Shaun took the camera out and while he didn't get a single picture of the stars, he got a few hilarious ones of the munchkin.  Enjoy:

Cheesin' it up
One of those moments where she had no idea the camera was headed her way... love that genuine grin.
And then there are the moments where she hams it up.  And how!
My personal favorite.  Looks like her daddy... full of mischief :)


  1. Honestly, when I see pics of Lexi I think she looks like you. So much like you! She's a gorgeous little girl and very photogenic. And the third photo...? ROFL!

  2. Awesome pictures! Taking pictures of stars aren's worth nearly as much as these are to anyone.

  3. Her daddy, full of mischief?? Her momma doesn't lack in the department, either! :) Love the pics!!

  4. She is so adorable!!! She looks so big!! I miss her!

  5. Bean looks adorable! She really is so willing to ham it up for the camera-I love it! Can't wait to get some real-in-person hamming it up with our kiddos.

  6. I think she is a bit like her momma!
    So cute and adorable.


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