Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekly Preview

I might not post anything substantial today as I'm working on Bean's birthday post and a post about the CPSIA nonsense.

I think last week I managed to hit 4 out of my 6 intended posts.  Not bad!  This week, here's what's on my agenda:

  • A product review and giveaway on Wednesday.
  • Bean's 3rd birthday post
  • Possibly merging my archives by the end of this week.  Possibly.
  • Another cloth diaper post.  Finally.
  • A baby update after Wednesday's appointment.  (We need a nickname!)

And copious amounts of pics and stories from around here.  Because the four of us are finally well, I'm really, really hoping to venture out and DO things.  I'm tired of being in my house 24-7.  Goofy germs.

OH!  And we're supposed to FINALLY get snow tonight and tomorrow.  If that's the case, we will absolutely have snow pictures.  There's nothing my kid would want more than to gambol around in the snow on her birthday.  (If we don't get snow, I might cry big salty tears and sequester myself in bed until I'm given a ticket to a tropical island. Because if we don't get snow?  I wanna be somewhere WARM!)

That's all for now!  Happy Monday!

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