Thursday, January 8, 2009

Evening Rambles

I just ate mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.  Mixed together.  It was so delicious that I might make a big container and just keep it near my bed for midnight snacks. 

Skipping C's morning nap and then driving home during the time of her afternoon nap with hopes she'll transfer easily inside is wishful thinking.  WISE UP, SELF, WISE UP!We

Winter is no fun unless there's snow.  So weather?  LISTEN ON UP, BUSTER!  Give me snow or give me balmy 70 degree weather and a tropical drink with an umbrella! 

Bean survived a cold without getting an ear infection.  This is a minor miracle.  I think it's because she sneezed all of the germs all over me instead of letting them settle in her head.  She's a generous girl, don't you think?

We are now that family.  We have a minivan.  A craigslist ad with a price that was too good to pass up has resulted in us getting our very own blue 2002 Sienna.  And as much as you might get to make fun of me for it, it's a sweet ride.  You should hear the sound system. 

I had three friends have baby girls in the past few weeks.  They've all chosen gorgeous names.  If we have a girl, I seriously fear for the poor child's psyche as we have NO girls' names whatsoever.  Suggestions?  (Ok, we'll take boy suggestions too :)


  1. Oh fun!!
    Quite certainly, you should name her Marilyn. It's got a lovely ring to it, don't you think? :) Other girls names... I really like Micah and Jayden.
    Boy names... I like Silus and August or Augustine and Oliver. Yeah, interesting names, I know. But I like them for some reason.

  2. hee hee You have a mommy mobile! Welcome to the fun-club! ;)

  3. Violet?

    tee hee.


  4. I love the name Olivia. Tim doesn't so you can have it. ;)

  5. Hooray for the minivan! I'm sure you'll thank yourself when you're wrestling with three carseats!

  6. If I give you my boy's name what will we use next time? ;-) The other girl's name we thought about is Autumn.

  7. I'm so glad that I'll never have to battle baby names again! It took forever because Anny was stubborn. Turns out the minute her mother said "don't do that" she gave up her battle and we found a great name.

    As for suggestions for names, for a boy, Robert is always nice. It easily shortens to Rob. :o)

    I've always wanted a minivan, even before children! Congrats on the good craigslist catch!

  8. I think Joyce would be suggesting Everlida. What do you think? Could it be in the running? lol! I like Mackenzie.

  9. Not in a position to share names at the moment... wouldn't want you stealing.

    We're skipping the mini and going straight for the full sized beast. Thinking ahead to 5 kids plus friends.

    Potatoes and Cranberry sauce. It could be worse. Jill thinks McDonalds is good now.

  10. Some girls names I love and will never be able to use...
    Juliette (or Juliet)
    Summer (on Katy's theme)
    Hazel (hehe)
    Marnie (means Rejoice)
    Sadie (old fashioned)

    I have more but this is enough for now :)

  11. Oh, oh, oh, I LOVE BABY NAMES. These are what I suggested to Mary so you might have to duke her out for some of them :-)

    Aleah (pronounced A-leah or A-lay-ah?)
    Micah/Mica (I love this for either but more for a boy)
    Olivia (Livi)
    Julia/Julianna (I like Juliet too Amy!)

    I have a friend whose first girl name is Galilee. The'll call her Lee for short. Took some growing on me, but now I think it's cute!

  12. I fully support the minivan! I'm definitely going to be a soccer mom in a minivan when I have kids! :)

  13. I had 2 friends have girls in the last couple weeks and I love there names too-Lucy and Julia! It's so much fun but so much pressure to choose a baby name! Let's wait til the 5 month ultrasound so we at least know which gender to pick's too overwhelming now!


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