Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Would Have Googled It, But I Was Laughing Too Hard

Bean, to us, after petting one of our dogs,

"Where... where's the doggie's belly button?"

Shaun and I looked at each other.  Neither one of us really knew the answer to that... or even if dogs had belly buttons at all?  Anyone?

Shaun told her he wasn't sure dogs had belly buttons.  She wasn't entirely satisfied but went with it.

This is right after she did her dramatic retelling of her favorite Bible story, except this time, somehow, a princess appeared in the middle of Daniel and the Lion's Den.  (Or Daniel and the Dandelions, if you prefer). 

She's a trip.  And almost three!  I'll have a big update on Miss Bean this Tuesday :)


  1. That's great! Here's the answer:

  2. That's HILARIOUS! Apparently today in Sunday School Hannah learned the story about "Jesus and the girl named Hannah and she was sick and he fixed her and that's me and that's Jesus." (
    (Said very fast while pointing at her craft for the day.)

  3. We had the same conversation for Hannah too. We think dogs have belly buttons because of the umbilical cord. We actually saw something that cold be a belly button. Dogs also have boobies..Lots of them. :-)

  4. It is true, they have them. We saw them with our very own eyes every time we had a litter.


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