Monday, January 5, 2009

Government To Outlaw Resale of Children's Products by Feb 10th

Yeah, you read that right.  Come February 10th, it will be illegal to sell used kids' clothing and toys without proof that the said items have been tested and are free from lead and pthalates. 

According to Baby Cheapskate:

You will no longer be able to place used children's clothes or toys into the "stream of commerce" unless you can prove that they've been tested for lead and pthalates. As I and others understand it, that means no selling items without such proof on ebay, Craigslist, yard sales, and church/organization consignment sales (See if your favorite sales are still scheduled). Of course, that means no buying kids' clothes and toys without certification from these sources either. This act could easily triple the amount that many families pay to clothe their kid until there are enough second-hand items manufactured after Feb. 10 to replenish the second-hand market (and even then it's likely that prices at thrift stores, etc. will be higher due to the added cost of testing them). It will absolutely eliminate the notion of recouping any of the cost of older items through reselling.

Stinks, no?  I know that we depend a lot on second hand clothing and toys to help eliminate costs and also to prevent the useless manufacturing of more toys when there are so many toys out there that have been hardly used.  (Not to mention, vintage toys like Little People are SO MUCH COOLER than the current day toys).

While I understand the aim for safety for kids, this goes a little too far in the wrong direction. 

I'm still in the midst of researching and finding out more about this new law, so if you have more information, please let me know.  Meanwhile, if you're of the mind to help support thrifting and resale shops as well as preserving your right to sell used children's items as you're able, post about this and contact your local lawmakers. 


  1. WTF? Seriously. I don't understand it. We wanted help with China sending us leaded toys and instead they've cut us off at the knees.

  2. I'm most upset about not being able to sell my used toys. So many of our toys have been purchased with the express intent of keeping them nice and then re-selling them when my kids get older. This is going to cost me a lot of money.

  3. I think we'll just have to increase our trading of clothes/toys among friends...come up with some more formal ways of exchanging stuff... like a big swap meet where I trade you one fisher price toy and a 2T dress for a leapfrog game and a long as no actual money is involved we can't get busted right?

  4. Is this a federal thing? State? Is it even possible to enforce such a law?

    Doesn't sound quite right... am I too sceptical??

  5. Not good...

    Also "The CPSIA does not just affect toys--it regulates all products for children under 12. Clothing, school supplies, cloth diapers, car seats, boy scout patches, bicycles, sippy cups--everything. Congress in its wisdom decided that a problem caused by irresponsible mass-market toymakers should be solved with a one-size-fits-all solution for dozens of industries totally unrelated to toys."

    Guess I have about a month to make it down to this children's thrift shop down in Vienna my SIL has been raving about...


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