Monday, January 12, 2009

C- 8 Month Update - Belated Style

My Dear Sweet C,

Um, Mommy is a slacker.  You should probably get that message now so that when you're 14 and I do something slacker-ish, you know it's because I can't help it and I still love the bits out of you.

Here's your 8 month update, a good two weeks late.  I'm going to call it an 8.5 month update, because really, there's no way in tarnations that I'm going to remember what happened before and after you turned 8 months. 

I'm certainly not lacking in things to talk about in terms of what you've been up to this month.  You started crawling, army style.  This allows you to fixate on something across the room and actually get there.  I don't think you could be more pleased with yourself.  A few days ago, the something you wanted to get was me.  Watching you haul yourself across the floor with a giant grin on your face made my whole day.  I like being the object of your affection. 

You're also sitting up from lying down.  This happened MUCH later for Bean, so I was second guessing that it was really happening until I actually caught you in the act.  This cuts down on your frustration levels as I'm sure that all of that flailing around on your belly really is tiring. 

You're still sporting the same two teeth from last month with no new ones on the horizon.  But I'm sure they're coming, and I'm sure sleep will disappear as a result.

You're waving hello and goodbye now and I truly don't think there's much that can make you happier than a room full of people to grin and wave at.  It's a good thing that most people are captivated by your antics and wave and grin right back.

You're also grasping the meaning of shaking your head "no" and nodding "yes".  About 2 times out of 5, you will shake or nod your head in response to a question I'm asking you.  And those times, it makes sense.  The other times, you're just imitating me.  It still shocks me that you're quickly reaching the communicative point in your babyhood and that more words or signs are going to quickly follow.  Your ridiculously verbal sister started talking by 9 months, so I'm interested to see where you land.

And baby girl, in about 7 months, you'll no longer be the littlest baby in our house.  Part of me is sad that your babyhood is going to have to be so short.  But I'm so thankful that I listened to my instincts and took every opportunity to snuggle, cuddle, and sort of spoil you when I could.  I never realized that the time I could do that would be cut short by the needs of another, littler person, but I'm glad that I took those chances. 

And C?  Please start growing.  You've completely stalled in weight and we're trying to figure out what's up.  Start packing on the pounds please, so Mommy can stop stressing, k?  At 15 pounds, maybe it's as simple as you wanting to stay light enough that I'll carry you around everywhere.  If that's the case, just drop me a note or something to let me know.  And realize that a pound or two?  it's not going to stop me from snuggling you as many chances as I can get. 

I love you from here to there and everywhere,



  1. Great post. Beautiful girl! I'm so glad I can keep up with your family this way!


  2. Cally, those pictures are extremely adorable! Just about as adorable as as that letter your Mom wrote you :)
    And my goodness, you like so much like your father, it's crazy. And just remember, when mom gets to preoccupied with the new little one, you'll always have a babysitter more than ready to cuddle you.

  3. These notes make me cry EVERYTIME!!!!!!!!! Your are the sweetest Mother and she is such a cutie pie. Can't wait to hear next months late or not :)

  4. C you are absolutely adorable. Tell mom not to worry about your weight. You are just going to be tiny like her.
    Love, Aunt Julie


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