Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Problem? MANAGED

I now have 39 messages in my inbox.  NONE of them are unread.

I might have deleted the one email that had the meaning of life in it, but really...  how am I missing what I didnt know was there?

So, in short... if you have emailed me in the last three years and I never responded?  Kindly email me again.  I promise I will write back.  :) 


(And I am checking out OtherInbox!  Might be the anser for my pack-ratty needs)


  1. That's AMAZING! Wow Jen! Busy day!

  2. I was wondering why you never responded to my meaning of life email... bummer for you! :)

  3. OH, NO! You may have been a winner!! :) Actually, you are a winner in my book. Have a great day.

  4. Did you actually read them or just delete them all? Either way, good for you. Purge and move on.


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