Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm So Weird

I'm sitting here, contemplating what snack will satisfy my fickle taste buds, and I realized that my cravings, (which mark EVERY pregnancy distinctly), are probably thoroughly amusing, (or at least disgusting), to the average reader. 

I've been sick with a cold, too, so the cravings get weirder. 

Anyway, with my pregnancies, I crave certain foods with ridiculous intensity.  Nothing tastes good until I can eat that ONE food that's on my mind.  And when I eat that food?  It's like... the best... the most delcious... the most delectable entree that you could imagine. 

The same goes for my food aversions.  But they're far less interesting.  I'll post a small list anyway. 

So, here, for your amusement or disgust, are the most recent things that have caught the attention of my tastebuds, (or made me run for the hills).

Gherkin pickles
Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips
Mashed Potatoes and Corn (this is EVERY pregnancy)
Steamed Broccoli
French Onion Dip
Chocolate Pudding
Greasy Tacos
Tomato Sandwiches with Miracle Whip and Cheese
Cranberry Juice and Ginger Ale
Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies
Giant Salads (but often this gets thwarted by the effort involved in prep).
Cheese of any kind, especially combined with Salads. 
Sweet Tea
Hard Apple Cider
Cottage Cheese and Pineapple (that's right now...  might need a trip to the store)
Peach Yogurt

Mexican Food with a Smokey Sauce
Pasta(!) with Tomato Sauce (unless it's smothered in cheese)
Bacon (GAG!)
Dog Food (duh)

That's about it so far.  It'll get weirder and crazier as things go. For now, who's running to the store for my cottage cheese and cantelope?


  1. Hard Apple Cider??? I think you need to stay away from that!! I love cranberry juice and ginger ale! That's sad about pasta and chicken.

    If you want some pumpkin muffins let me know!! :)

  2. I'm going through cravings of my own... some of yours are overlapping with mine, like the salt and vinegar chips, mashed potatoes, and the pineapple...

    However, my former love of broccoli has been replaced with a firm aversion to it, much to my hips' chagrin. :)

  3. I love you.

    But. Ew. Cottage cheese makes me shiver with grossness.

    Although hard apple cider sounds good. Seven more months til I'm 21!

    Oh wait... I go to Wheaton College. Never mind then.

  4. My big one with Hannah was lemonade. I've never been a fan but I'd drive out of my way for some Auntie Anne's lemonade. And I still like it.

  5. My only real cravings were calamari and hamburgers and that only happened in the 9th month of pregnancy. But by aversions list was as long as your cravings list and lasted the whole time...i don't think I touched or cooked raw chicken my entire pregnancy....ewwwwwwww

  6. Both times, I had an aversion to preparing food, or thinking about it. (During the first 15 weeks)

    I was fine if someone just handed me something to eat... most of the time. Grocery shopping was tough.

  7. Okay, is that mashed potatoes and corn - together? And I thought it was cottage cheese and pineapple - but at the end of the post it was cantelope! :) And I have an aversion to dog food all the time and I'm not pregnant!

    I am so looking forward to this journey with you!!

  8. I never had a lot of cravings but with my first i wanted tuna salad in the beginning and chili cheese fries at the end (which every time i went to A&W they were out of either chili or fries), and i could not eat any meat through most of the pregnancy. With my second i was sick most of the first 4 months so i didn't eat much of anything but after that i wanted lost of fresh raw veggies with ranch dip and scalloped potatoes., but i didn't have any aversions.


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