Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WFMW: Smelly Washer Review and Giveaway!

I have a smelly washer.  It smells like wet socks that have been left in the dryer for two weeks. 

In other words, gross.

But I should rephrase.  I HAD a smelly washer.  Awhile ago, I posted a cry for help to try to get my washer odor eliminated.  I'd tried EVERYTHING.  I left the door open, I cleaned it out with bleach, I sprinkled holy water on it, EVERYTHING.  Some things would work for a day or two, and then I'd notice that awful mildew odor creeping back. 

Turns out, in most HE washers, water and detergent residue get built up behind the seal and start to form mold. 

Gross, isn't it? 

Anyway, one of the comments on that post was from the creator of Smelly Washer.

Smelly Washer Solution is billed as an all natural (VERY important to me) solution to smelly washer odor. 

A quick email exchange later, and he agreed to send me a container for testing. 

Enter a chorus of angels singing. 

Because it's nearly impossible to get the water level high enough to soak the upper part of the seal, I did have to wipe behind it once with a few clorox wipes.  Then I set the washer up to soak, added the Smelly Washer solution, and added some more water.  It sat for hours and did its thing.  (For more detailed instructions for your particular type of washer, visit the Smelly Washer Blog)

Then I set it to spin and drain.  And that?  That was probably the grossest part of all.  Little moldy flecks were pouring into the sink and smelled AWFUL. 

I repeated the process twice and then?

Then I opened the washer door and gingerly stuck my head in to smell...


It's awesome.  Worth the money and the time.

I'll continue to use Smelly Washer to maintain a mildew free washer tub and I have no doubt it will continue to do its job like a charm!  

For you, my lovely readers, I have a container to share!  Comment on this post with the grossest description of your smelly washer smell, and I'll randomly pick a winner two weeks from today.  (January 21st 2009).

Things that take mildew odor out of my washer REALLY work for me.  For more Works For Me Wednesday tips, visit Rocks in My Dryer.


  1. Without being too descriptive, am I allowed to leave it at:

    "I learned the hard way that you have to de-poop a cloth diaper before washing it the hard way."

    Will that work for entry?

  2. Wow....who knew? I didn't know this sort of thing even existed. I would love to try it. Sounds amazing!
    Glad you have a sweet smelling washer now. That would really.....stink! Haha.
    Ok not funny!

  3. Ugh. I still can't get the mildew out of my washer. It's beyond gross.

  4. We cloth diaper. Sometimes it's a little stinky in there. Enough said?

  5. Well, the whiffs of mildew from the washer are always frustrating and icky (and catch me by surprise because I'm not expecting them) but the worst stinkiness has to be after the Great Stomach Bug of 2005! (And did I mention I was PREGNANT during that episode!? Ugh!) - Kelly

  6. Wet skunk - that's what mine smells like. I have a super sensitive nose, and I swear that I can sometimes smell it on the clothes after they have been dried. Damp, skunky, mildewy. Ours is a HE washer too - maybe that is part of the problem. I have tried just about everything to get it out....I will confess, I have never tried Smelly Washer! LOL!

  7. I started leaving the door open right after we got the washer... about 8 months ago or so, I bleach-cleaned the washer and started wiping out the gasket with a cheap towel after every wash - that seems to have kept the smell at bay (which is good, because with a baby and cloth diapers, I am probably doing 8-10 loads a week, where I used to do 4!)

  8. Our washer is a front loader. For the longest time, we had no idea where itty bitty baby socks were going. It ended up being in the front seal of the washer. Think... lots of itty bitty baby socks, wet, smelly, moldy and absolutely disgusting! Now, we check the washer seal, all the way around, after each load. We still lost some socks, not sure where!

  9. I have the worst sense of smell and don't even know if my washer stinks! I am not sure if this is a blessing or a curse. I know what I will be doing when Tim gets home!

  10. Our lovely washer turned a year old in Dec. I've done the bleach cleaning cycle uh maybe once. I think your suppose to do it once a month... but that just doesnt seem to happen with 2 kids. Anyways, i've just started to notice a little bit of a musty smell. I probably need to give it some proactive care. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. Luckily our washer is fairly new so not too smelly yet...but it does stink if I dont wash behind the ring! We also cloth diaper so I worry that it needs a good cleaning. This product sounds perfect!!

  12. OMG. Is that what's wrong with my front loader?!! Pe-ewww!


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