Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh Boy!

Hey Little One,

In 20 weeks, give or take a few, you'll be entering the world and immediately providing your Dad with an ally in a house full of estrogen.  (Seriously, two sisters, a mom, and two girl dogs.  Heck, I think the fish are chicks too).

I'm still thinking about my having a boy in a series of exclamation marks to express my shock.  I have a boy!  A son! What on earth am I going to do with a son!  He has boy parts!  BOY PARTS!  How do I deal with BOY PARTS?!

Thank goodness your Dad will be here to explain the last part to you when the time comes. 

I'm a little nervous, truth be told.  I've heard stories of the early years with boys being hard due to the rough and tumble nature that seems to accompany the male sex from birth onward.  I think C is breaking me in for anything that would come my way in that respect.  You might have your work cut out for you in trying to keep up with her.

During the sonogram, I commented how surprised I was that I felt you move so much less than I used to feel your sisters.  Everything is where it should be in there, it just seems that you're a little more mellow than the girls were.  I did watch you pull your foot back and nearly stick it into your own mouth, so perhaps it's just that I need to wait a bit to feel you start the traditional pummeling of my organs.

I questioned whether the magic of seeing my baby on the sonogram screen would lose its wonder being that this is the third time around.  Not at all.  The wonder of knowing that inside of me, right now, you're growing and changing and yawning and stretching is as amazing as it was the first time.  Every one of you has truly been fearfully and wonderfully made.  And the sheer miracle of that alone astounds me every time.

Keep growing, my little one, my boy, my son.

(And maybe, just maybe, keep leaning on the side of mellow?  please?)


The Crazy Lady Whose Voice You're Perpetually Hearing
(Hope you like it!)


  1. YAY FOR BOYS!!! Welcome to the insanity :)

  2. As a mom of three little guys, I can promise you that it rocks. :) There is nothing like the way a boy loves his mama. You'll know exactly what to do, just like you do with your girls, so no worries. Take care, and enjoy!


  3. Boys are so fun! I've loved watching S and O grow up!

  4. I'm SOOOOO excited for this baby boy! I can't wait to meet him and play with him and awwww...he's going to be SO well cared for with doting big sisters (that's one way to look at how they'll treat him, right?) and Jen, you will continue to be an excellent mom even with some extra testosterone thrown in. I have every confidence that you are up for the challenge!

  5. I have to echo what some of the others have said. A mother daughter relationship is wonderful but there is nothing like a boys love for his mama. I am married to a complete mama's boy and sometimes think he wouldn't mind moving her right in with us just to have her near. And no worries about those little boy parts lol it really is easier than you think but the fear of circumcision (if you choose that) is the scary part.

  6. Being the mom of both a girl and a boy, let me tell you that the love you will feel for your son is far different than what you feel for your daughters. I know, I know - you say how can that be? I said that, too. And it is not more or better love, just very different. The bond between a mom and her boy is different than that between a mom and her daughters. I promise you it is very special.

    And I want you to know that I pray for you and this pregnancy regularly and it is a privilege to do so.

    Enjoy every moment, Jen.

  7. Jen do we have a nick name for our special boy yet? Bean, Squish (or C-Rex) and ?

  8. Funny I have been having this same train of thought while trying to let the news of my girl sink in. I don't know a thing about GIRL PARTS!?! I can give you a tutorial and PLEASE give me one!!!! I am being thrown for a mental whirlwind but Aedan is tremendously excited :)

  9. Oh and if he does not get circumcised I can help there too :) My brother and both my sons are fully intact.


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